[SCAM] IPUServices.com at it tricking people to give them money again! Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC – Final Days for Division Accounts!

OK people, here we go again, for the folks that do or did their homework before giving free money away! you’re smart and you will survive! for those that does not or did not do their homework or research in regard about IPUServices.com you’re giving away free money and on top of that, you’re wasting so much time, worries, and stress.

When you email support @ IPUServices.com they choose which questions to replied to you, so if you ask about payout request, they will probably ignore your questions, or will simply replied, “soon”, “March 2014”, “when we reach our goals” of some # such as members, regional and division manager. This IPUservices.com is no different than coingeneration.com and other HYIPs. An HYIPs that take advantage of online technologies such as super computer cloud computing!.

Cloud computing, super computer linked together, like the napster days, peer 2 peer, does exist! but they do not ask for investments, nor have bogus financial plans, tell lied or lies. Or market their products in a way IPUServices.com sends email to members. So be careful, be vigilant!

The money you send to IPUServices.com is irreversible, you cannot dispute or get a refund! it’s a one way transmission. After you send them the money you will be left in the dark, no one can do anything about it. These kind of online business tricking people’s money played very smart. Stolen identities are being use to register domain name, web server, rent virtual office with phone# and address. To make it look real, but in fact they’re SCAM, ponzi scheme scam money from people with broken promises soon to come! You are better to save your money for lunch dinner with your love one, you will have more fun.

The latest email sent from IPUServices.com tricking more people to send them free money. IPUServives.com motivated the members by saying how much money they could make if members spent $150, this is the marketing strategy they use to trick lure trapped people in to spent that $150, but in reality that $150 go into the SCAMMER IPUservices.com pocket, and members will never see it again.

IPUServices.com launched back Mid late 2013, at the beginning just like other scams, they paid nicely for referrals of IPUServices Division Regional managers, a couple months after that, they stopped paying and make up reasons and broken promises that never happens and eventually they closed down the forums because too many transparent facts about their scam. The only support members will get is email, and the email support responded from a kid, and they choose which questions to answer not all. Most of the respond are payment to IPUServices.com problem, they want to take your money, and not supporting you on other stuff.

From: IPU SERVICEs – News / Updates <[email protected]> To:
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2014
Subject: Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC – Final Days for Division Accounts!

User- , Status – Division Account
Your Referral Link – http://www.ipuservices.com/contact.php?referred_by=

Division Accounts / LLC Partnership Payments –

As you are aware, all Division Account Managers are equal LLC Partners in Idle Processor Utilization Services, LLC. As such, all Division Managers will share equally in 100% of the profits of the company. (For Example, if the profits are $500,000, the $500,000 is divided between the 1000 Division Managers, or $500 each)

We originally planned on having 1000 Division Accounts, and, as of now, we have approximately 950 Division Managers – there are 50 openings. WE WILL STOP SELLING Division Accounts in February, as the first quarterly payment to partners will be made on March 31. Division Manager Positions will NOT be offered for sale ever again, so if you wish to upgrade, now is the time to do so.

Go here to upgrade to a Division Account – http://www.ipuservices.com/upgrade.php

Company Financial Statements – We will be updating the Company Financial Statements this week (we will notify by email when done) and these statements will outline the exact cash distribution to our Division Accounts.

Thank you all for a spectacular first year!

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