Newsflash! website down over 3 hours today

This just in, and I have confirmed. website been down for over 3 hours, and is still down as we speaks. In the past this had happened before. switched servers, web hosting that is to be exact. However initially first few months in operation they always let the members know by sending out an email prior to the scheduled maintenance, but later on as they became scam, and their scheme has been exposed, they stopped the email communication for whatever reason.

Thanks Hexus for updating me and confirming that website is down. It could be up again later, don’t know when, there wasn’t any scheduled maintenance posted. So I guess they take it down anytime they want and sadly nothing anyone can do about it. So if those newer investors are still investing, ask yourself some question, if can do this, what else can they cannot do?

There has been also some interesting news from they’re doing merging with another larger largest competitors, the only one I can think of is However again as I said earlier blog in regard to, it’s a reason for them not to pay anyone $227, instead they will announce news that they will use the $227,000 supposed to pay to the division manager use it to merge with, so now you know the game they play! I hope that I’m wrong, but if I’m right, gosh what else does people need to get convinced that all these are scam scheme that they plan to get your money and nothing you can do about it.

Name: Hexus
Subject: is down
Message: The famous DG CG is down for almost 3 hours by now. I thought it would be nice to let you know. You are doing a great job with your blog. Keep it that way.