How other website could harm your website by linking with false URL title

So you have a very good quality contents website and you work hard to update it frequently. Have you ever wonder if any website can harm your site? the answer is yes, I know one way that other website can do it. Let say you have a review article about a new movie coming out, and you wrote a high quality content about it. You get good search engine index from google yahoo bing and so on, but all of a sudden those search engine removed your post from their index left you wondering why?

SEO, search engine optimization, now google has upgraded their functionality and has algo that would detect negative bad SEO method linking and removed it from their index. Now this is not officially indicated on google website, but many webmaster reported this problem. What happened was a porn website, or gambling website, or downloading files sharing website have your website article URL linked with bad URL title and from bad website, for example: sex website backlink your url title as free sex porn f*ck link to your movie review website, and then a ton of traffic direct to your site from that porn site, then you’re in trouble, I’m saying that you will get removed from index, but something will happen, I know it’s stupid that it’s not even your fault, that’s why you got to be careful, watch your traffic analyse your traffic, and google has many tools for this.

Bottom line, if you have a good quality website, watch where the traffic coming from and report any negative backlinks negative SEO, don’t do negative false SEO.

Watch these videos clips from youtube in regard to negative SEO.

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