[SCAM] IPUservices.com anyone wondering if they will ever pay?

Just in case anyone wondering what IPUServices.com been up to lately? Well! The fact is that this IPUServices.com is a scam clearly marked. HYIP in the shape and form of coingeneration.com ponzi scheme scam business. All these ponzi scheme scam are pretty much alike, some with enhancements and twist that you will not be easily detect or know when to stop investing and take money out. The truth is each individual investors are being monitored closely, meaning that you pay or invest and you get paid and pay until you reinvest all your money, they will stop paying you. Take in the case of Topcapitalist.com the website are still up and running, but each investors are blind if they don’t do the research, reading blogs, forums, chat room and so on, such as this blog. These blind investors wouldn’t know that people are having problem with it, not paying, scam, and so on.

The truth had came out a long time ago with IPUServices.com, like other HYIP Ponzi Scheme Scam, they will lure you in with words, making promises, but short live. You will get paid small portion for your work of referring others, or based on your investments, but each investment are being carefully calculated by the scammer or whoever running the website, meaning you will never be able to profit from them much, they will make excuses for not paying certain members or group of members. Each group get categorized. Some websites such as GeniusCapital After90Days and so on, they don’t have a chat room or forums for people to talk about their experience. Others such as coingeneration.com, coinbeez and so on has it, but eventually negativities going kicked in and then they shut down the chat room and forums just like IPUServices.com did.

IPUServices.com alone, have been a scam back in early November when it released it’s software for people to run, all kind of problems occurred, broken promised being clearly indicated. The website appears to be running by a kid or teenager or at least the personality of a kid sitting behind the computer. What’s sad about this is that, 1) We don’t know who operates this business because the identity are being anonymous, and even a challenge for officials such as FBI CIA Police to trace, hope domain register now required Driver Licence ID to be validated, however with the amount of stolen identity we may blame or arrest the wrong person.

If you’re still with IPUServices.com and still believes in it, do not spend a single penny on it. They promised to make dividend payment in March, but high doubt and who knows what it mean dividend payment mean, very misleading. Off course support was never online, forums got shut down because members are complaining about IPUServices.com SCAM did not made any payment payout to anyone since November 2013 and as of today once in a while they update with more SCAM to trick trap lure people into investing more money even at $1 a pop, these transactions cannot be dispute or reverse. Once the transaction completed, you will never be able to get it back! ever! We’re talking about gambling payment processors here.