Creates faces of human based on DNA left on gum? EWWWW!!!

Well folks, the future of technology already, more advanced and than ever. More than you may think we’re capable of. That’s right! the title of this blog saids “Creates faces of human based on DNA left on gum” That’s right! again! create a human faces off of DNA found on piece if chewing gum. There you go, be careful you criminal out there, if the authority have your DNA, they can construct what your face would look like, so think twice before you commit any crime, especially you rapist out there, you left any tissue of your body, including your hair, your spit chewing gum, smoke cigarette better think twice! we now can construct your face based on the DNA found.

This is kind of gross by the way, but scary and off course innovative at the same time. So this proof that if we have the DNA of a dinosaur we can certainly construct what a dinosaur would look like exactly! OK let’s go further, let say your love one died, but you were able to get their DNA when they’re still alive, and then after they died, you construct another person just like them after they died based on their DNA, possible? based on the concept yes, theory has not been tested, but I don’t see how it’s not possible with the understand and technology human have now a day!

Scary isn’t it! 🙂


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