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This is better news, obvious good news, but kind of misleading when look back at earlier blog. This latest blog does not indicate which regions of users, is it still the regions countries of users based on previous blog where those that lives in those countries ok to use payza fully? It’s not clear. However let’s hope that the latest blog applied for everyone, not just the users in the countries mentioned previously, which does not include the USA. Many USA users are 100 threads investors, and some people feel it’s a shame that Digital Generation DG only pay small amounts and to certain users, selective groups of users or group of countries only, however some feel this is better than no payment or no communication at all.

coingeneration payout resume

coingeneration payout resume

Hopefully this new blog updated are for all users, all regions countries group of users. Then it is indeed good news and will definitely regain the trust from the users. There are some speculation still exist, there are many users using payza and they did not file any dispute or even complaints, these groups of users been waiting patiently and still didn’t get paid, the reason saying this is because would have known which group of users filed dispute or complaints and blocked those users and take care of the ones that are not complaining or disputing? why aren’t they doing that?, it’s a good questions raised by many and can only wonder and speculate. Furthermore, there are various payment methods, such as Paxum and Egopay, why users with those options to get payout don’t get paid? Yes sure, many people get paid selectively but in very small amounts at first from $4 to now $40 look like it, it’s getting that’s the good news. Some people reported that they never used payza, never dispute or complaint about but still they don’t get paid, so it impacted all users even though the problem tied one group of users payza related. But – also mentioned there were some hacking attempts, so maybe it wasn’t just payza issue but also hacking attempt to steal payments processors account.

Finally, the good news, Admins in the chat indicated that payments will resume:

Payouts will be resumed for members who have closed disputed within the next 24 hours! We are currently updating our database and are awaiting final list from Payza to validate… all accounts

Let’s hope this is true as indicated in the chat room from Admins, indeed it will be very good news, beating the new copy cat website which will go live today, supposed to be last week by the way but it didn’t happen, and today still nothing, will see this week end. I’m sure can be better than, just have to do better. Keep in mind also is that Admins in the chat mentioned “Payouts will be resumed for members who have closed disputed within the next 24 hours!” the question is, what about those people never file any dispute never complaint, they don’t get any special treatment as members whom filed dispute and complaint? bad business practice!

Payza refunds
By Joao on Fri, 09/06/2013 – 08:09
Dear users,

Today our team will handle the final refunds on Payza and will inform every user that has requested a refund in order to proceed with it, or cancel it in order to move forward with us.

For everyone who requested a refund we regret to know you would like to cancel your participation in our project.

Upon receiving your confirmation to expedite your refund via Payza we shall complete your payout within the next 24 hours.

Please note that your balance on the site including your referral earnings will be void once refund takes place.

We respect your decision and will proceed with your refund once we receive confirmation to close your account.

This is the “FINAL CALL” to close your disputes otherwise no complaints will be accepted once refunds are processed.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused regarding your account and would appreciate an opportunity to reinstate the level of service we look forward to provide.

You can contact us at any time and it is our courtesy to help you with any problems you might experience, therefore feel free to talk to our team if you have any questions or concerns regarding your account.

Digital Generation Administration