Finally switched to mine an alternative SHA256 coin no longer mining Bitcoin directly

At the rate of the current difficulty level of 3129573174.52, and the price of Bitcoin about $550 average for the past several weeks. It is best to do some research and analysis to determine what’s the next best SHA256 cryptocoins to mine, and to me, it is “Continuumcoin” or CTM. It is more profitable than mining Bitcoin directly!

I currently have a few BFL mining equipment, and had another one on order to be shipped who knows when, don’t believe what BFL promise or delivery date, it will never happens, so I’m hoping by summer time to get that preorder 28NM ASIC Monarch 900GH/s.

Back to the Continuumcoin coin, this coin appears to be the concept of Dogecoin. Let’s take a look at scrypt coins mining Litecoin, LTC, it is so far 100% ration compare with Bitcoin, meaning if you mine 100mh/s with Bitcoin, you will mine 100kh/s with Litecoin, on your GPUs or whatever device you have that can mine both scrypt and SHA256. The outcome earning would be the same. Then somewhere somehow Dogecoin shows up all of a sudden and takes over the market of scrypt mining. What’s so special about Dogecoin? from what I saw, there are a lot of coins to be mined with this Dogecoins, and I’m talking a person with a 10mh/s mutiple rigs can mine hundreds thousands Dogecoin per day a few weeks ago, until it gain so much popularity and people jumped on it and now the difficult rate skyrocketed. The same thing with Continuumcoin coin when compare to Bitcoin, SHA256 algo. There are a lot of Continuumcoin coin to be mined, and so far just over night, oh about 8 hours, I woke up seeing 1 millions Continuumcoin coins in my wallet! WOW! Now should I sell it? or should I keep it? To me it’s fine either way, I think I have enough money in my bank now, and whatever coins I mined I don’t need to sell, will probably take the risk and save it, who knows it might skyrocketed one day like Bitcoin 🙂

So again, if you’re mining Bitcoin directly! might want to consider mining Continuumcoin instead! a good pool is: