My experiences with AT&T online making decisions upgrade contract change plan?

I woke up this morning early, decided to get some unfinished business taking care of it. In this case AT&T phones plans, family talk to be exact. I have 3 phones for the family. 550 minutes plan with roll over $50 a month, $20 a month data, $10 each additional line, $90 + some fees and stuff less than $100 right? ERRRG wrong! it’s more like somehow to be $120 or so each month due to additional cost fees whatever fees required who knows but surely legitimate and many other people encountered the same.

So I upgraded one phone already, which is my primary phone, and tried out the Nokia 925, nice phone, but kept on shutting down, maybe just how it react until it’s warming maybe, but no biggie haven’t been using that Nokia 925, thinking of ebay it for couple hundred bucks or more. Now I have two more lines I need to upgrade, although currently these two phones are simply basic calling, no texting or data package. However lately my family been using text and data more often forcing my bill supposed to be around $120 a month to close to $200 a month due to over usage. So I’ve decided to upgrade today before it get out of hand. Just to clarified, I have no problem my family using the phone, if they need to text do internet stuff then no problem, I will add it, but it’s important to educate them to use it responsibly meaning no text while driving or in public places where you can be rob or get distracted or annoy other people, just do it responsively.

I upgraded the two remainder line to two free HTC ONE 32GB phones, $20 data package for each, $36 activation fee. Talking about activation fee, I was search for AT&T activation fee waive promotional code, LOL, but it didn’t exist, oh well! :). Anyhow back to the phone. So the total monthly ongoing for the next two years I’m seeing are, $50 family roll over 550, plus $60 data, plus $20 additional line, come out to be $130 plus additional required fees I’m sure, will bring it to at least $150 a month, I think is fine, although I know that there are single plan advertised for $50 a month unlimited talk text web, but it’s not $50, you know it’s not, it will run you to $60 to $70 a month, so I think I’m good with the family plan.

So this is my plan when I get the phone. I will try to see if I can change the data for each phone, into a one data sharing family plan, it will save me $20 a month, then I could use that $20 a month to get the family share text. Will have to monitor and analyze the usage.