Making money with clickbank work from home really work?

Many online folks who are getting into internet entrepreneur might have heard of clickbank or even on clickbank, but many other people just wondering or tried and fail, but the truth is you can make money with clickbank, clickbank is not a scam or fraud, it just that many people work hard but don’t make any money or very little money, the problem is they have not done enough research yet on how to market certain products. Do I know how to market certain products? probably not as well, but I know that if I want to market webhosting sales affiliate then I would need a websites related to webhosting contents with original contents and good traffic then chances are I will be making some sales, but if I have a website on how to plant flowers and put affiliate products webhosting, chances are I will not have much sales or not at all, so that’s my thought on marketing certain products.

Be careful of scammer fraud out there, people said that they make big money with clickbank and ask you to click on the link will show them how, careful with those, especially some videos.

how to make good money with clickbank tutorials ideas methods and technique 2012

how to make good money with clickbank tutorials ideas methods and technique 2012

People wrote on forum which I think make sense here are some example:

Making money with clickbank can be rather simple. You pick one or more of their products and promote it on your website. Now if you don’t have a website, you may still be able to promote their products. Once you sign up for a product, you can grab the url they assign you. This is now your landing page. Now the url to your landing page is pretty long and non-sensical, so you go to the websites that allow you to shorten the link (such as ###### and bitly) Once you have your url, promote it on social networks and bookmarking sites.

yes you can make money from clickbank for sure but what all the majority internet marketer is doing, first of all they are jumping from one product to other until getting success from one product and than they don’t do market research and that is the main factor in any product whether clickbank, amazon or whatever and other part is patience, if you rush in online marketing you will be impatient, take time to learn it, understand it and than apply it and the most important part is you need to have good mentor..

If people does not make money with clickbank than how come clickbank gave 2 Billion cash out and still growing..that means we are doing some wrong not clickbank..I hope this make sense..


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