People are creating facebook account for their children? does this seem right?

People are creating an account for their children? does this seem right? – this could be one of the biggest mistake a parents could make. I’m talking about children younger than the age of 13 or even teenager, creating them a facebook account? – Personally, I have two children, both daughters, in 3rd grade is the oldest and youngest Kindergarten. I never have the intention to create for them a social network account such as facebook, twitter and stuff, even though I’m a total computer geek, I spent all my free time online as you can see now, I’m blogging crap LOL.

bad parenting creating facebook account for a child

bad parenting creating facebook account for a child

There are numerous reasons why a child should not have an account on facebook, let’s not talk here, but you can google it. And – yes, you can google for reason for a child to have a facebook account. It’s bad that a child creates his/her own facebook account without parents consent but worse when a parent creates an account for the child, bad practice! Many people trust facebook for whatever reasons, they think it’s secure and controlled, that’s a big wrong assumption. Facebook makes money through you, you work for facebook and you get paid nothing! nada! not even a penny! you post and post and updates, sometime hours per day, the more you visit facebook the more facebook make, don you understand that? SO? you might ask – you think facebook is great giving you like a diary to enter what you want to say, and sometime showoff your stuff trying to impress others, ok ahead and do it, hope you don’t get in trouble later in the future LOL.

So what’s my problem? why I blog this? For all ages, doesn’t matter kids or adult, you can share your status and make money out of it without using facebook. You can make money instead of having facebook make money off of you. The answer is to get a free blog such as blogspot google blog and so on, the blog that allow you to put google adsense and sponsorship advertisements. You can even rent a web host and domain. $10 a year domain, $12 web hosting. You can make this amount of money in a short period of time if you’re a type of person that blog or share post every day on facebook. My recommendation is if you don’t want to leave facebook, but still want to make money at the same time then use wordpress blog, add plugin to update facebook when you update your blog. So when you update your ┬áblog, your blog will update facebook as well, and it goes both ways.

Bottom line! highly recommend to not! not! not! create a facebook account for your child, bad idea! bad parenting!

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