USPS Mail shutting down Saturday service no more Saturday mail delivery

USPS will stop delivering mail on Saturday, it’s official and confirmed. I think this could be pretty bad news for some people, such as small businesses doing business online such as ebay. Such as me for example, I use USPS mail 99% of the time because love their Saturday service without any additional charges.

This could be bad news because, the expected delivery for most business will be cut in one day, since some mail arrive on Saturday, but that day will no longer be available, this could cause chain reaction customer get mad, wrong estimate and so on to many system and processes.

This could be bad also because now the postal workers might get upset and so on, and will not be careful as they were on delivering mail, there will be mistake packages mishandling wrong address delivery damage and so on. Maybe some usps workers will steal the mail and so on, it’s bad enough that we hear postal shooting, “going postal” now this. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the hard work many USPS employees are doing, I only have a couple incident where mail was delayed but eventually they did deliver it. Stay tuned.

USPS postal service shutting down Saturday service it's official when?

USPS postal service shutting down Saturday service it’s official when?

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