Why do people need to lied?

I personally don’t want to put myself as innocent either, sometime I lied, but for a good cause and off course ensure it doesn’t impact anyone. We should never lied, but I can tell you if anyone say that they never lied, that person is lying. Yeah some of you might say, god lied? priest lied? monks lied? come on now, if you’re a human being, chances are you have lied or will lied one day for some reason, we’re all human being.

My point is this, don’t trust anyone too much, even if you have only one friend. The reason they lied may not be to harm you, but to protect you, but his lied ended up not protecting you in addition causing you harm and he doesn’t realize it, think that he/she so mart that lied can save you! WRONG !! ERR!!! big no no! so try not to lied, be honest as much as possible, I know some people doesn’t lied they just don’t say it, kept it to themselves, is that better? I don’t know, I believe it’s all depend, ones would have to make decision, sometime it’s hard but if you make the decision whether it’s bad or good you must live with it.