Coingeneration latest blog “Mankind’s door to the future”

Just in case you don’t see this, updated their blog. Strange that this time, the blogger appears to be anonymous, maybe it was just a mistake. I can you that most of the words blogged by coingeneration or even words from their main homepage were copied by other newer similar concept website as Take for example, the contents about mankind blah blah were somewhat similar to coingeneration and off course so is the concept of making money. Don’t get too excited, this newest blog entries have no indication of payments payout status, for over 1 month already heading toward month 2 with a lot of people that 100 threads never got paid since the payza incident.

Mankind’s door to the future: the power of the Digital Generation
By Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 09/03/2013 – 20:45
Supercomputers are the fastest Computers in existence, although very expensive and designed for specialized applications. These applications may vary from scientific studies calculations to Graphic Designs used in Multimedia or even Nuclear energy research. Lately, China and US have been fighting an invisible war for the podium of the fastest Supercomputer of the world.

A New comer has arrived, a Company named “Digital Generation” purposes to achieve this podium through a different method. Instead of building a physical supercomputer, the company is building a cloud supercomputer. This means, it uses the processing power of multiple personal computers on a worldwide scale, connected by via Internet, to achieve the data processing capabilities. Let’s assume that 1% of the world population grants access to 2-6% of his personal computer processing power, this means “Digital Generation” will have the world’s fastest computer, surpassing USA and China’s efforts.

This dream is coming true as “Digital Generation” network is currently the world’s 15th most powerful computer, and it’s growing every day.

Any person is able to jump right in. The application is easy to use and understand. You can configure CPU load of your PC as you like. New users after registering in the website and getting their accounts verified are granted a Trial thread that enables them to use the program for 30 days, with this thread the user will be able to get 1$ (maximum) for each day, if he leaves the program running for 24 hours, regardless of how much CPU is allowed to use.
After the “Trial” is over, users may buy a number of “threads” to continue receiving funds for their service. Threads act as a subscription of data packages that cost 50$ each and lasts an entire year. It’s a small investment that can easily be recovered in less than 2 months. The amount of funds the users receive daily depends according to the number of threads bought and the number of hours the program is left running.

There are many options in which to withdraw the user’s funds among them are e-wallets such as Egopay, Paxum and Perfect Money, but new payment methods are being studied such as wire transfer, and the most requested, PayPal, Skrill and Neteller (we didn´t forget about them). The company is aiming to implement both still this year, as soon as possible.

In spite of all the insurance provided by the multiple payment methods the company has been target of a lot of critics and speculations, uninformed users have made false claims that the program isn’t legit. “Digital Generation” claims they are not associated with Ponzi Schemes or Data Theft. The company is aware of this criticism and hopes to let its work prove this claims wrong. The newly open office in Portugal it’s an important step in the company growth and in its long terms plans. This action was motivated by a strategic approach has the company’s installed user base is made of 14% Portuguese users.

The imaginable applications of this technology are rather limitless, and are already being used for the benefit of mankind, as the network is currently being used for decryption of the human DNA for medical research, study of stem cells, and study of proteins and also creation of animated figures in the film industry, among many other specific uses.

“Digital Generation’s” motto is “A Smart way to use your computer” this really shows the company promise of building a better future with more people aware of their participation on the universal context.

“I’m very well aware of the criticism and speculation, but I believe it’s just normal of users to be suspicious when a new technology is introduced. Working with the company and seeing the organization working efforts makes me confident we are working in the right direction for the world’s benefit.”

“It is a mistake to fear what we’ve yet to see and know, working in “Digital Generation” made me realize that we are working for a better future and it’s a privilege to work in this company.”