March 20th 2014 now why no payout? oh they changed the date again to March 30th?

No surprise to many people. initially said that they will begins payout on March 20th with well guess what? March 20th 2014 is almost over here in the US, already over in many part of the world, but no payout possible ¬†with using There are two dates given. March 20th will be the day where will work and payout non division or regional manager. Then March 30th will be $227 for division manager. Don’t count on it. No body going to get any money, they will come up with excuses new stories on not paying or if you want to get pay you must do something special for them.

Why? because they lied, lies, making up stories fake saying no affiliate with etc. but soon we will all see what game plan does and have ready to take more of your money. Sadly many people will fall for this, and looses more money with this

Also wait for their news on the merger. Most likely the merger will happens either with another scammer, and a few others all ran same ponzi scheme, hyip scam. Again most likely the $227 they promise payout will be a total fake, lied and lies again. They will make stories or use whatever advantage they can to say that they use the $227 payout for each division manager to merge with or whoever their big competitor is. Most likely or scam online currencies exchange scam online currencies exchange