IPUServices.com is anony-pay.com stolen money from members to run new scam

A few blogs and forums mentioned that IPUServices.com is anony-pay.com. The money IPUServices.com scam from members was put in use at anony-pay.com Anony-pay.com funding were the money IPUServices.com had stolen from its members. Many of IPUServices.com scam victims loss thousands of dollars.

This make a lot of sense though. It all come down to how anony-pay.com has all the email address account of IPUServices.com? simple answer, because they’re related, no doubt they’re potentially the same person or people running various scam. Most likely IPUServices.com current scam is indeed anony-pay.com virtual currencies conversion.

Do not trust this website anony-pay.com, they tied to IPUServices.com, scamming thousands of people, everyone looses at least $150, after fake promises, fake software, fake earning, making up stories, killing time just to withdraw all the cash from members then run away. Actually IPUServices.com had a great ending! they blamed on coingeneration.com, but coingeneration.com took advantage and scam more money from IPUServices.com members by saying discount to buy threads. Sadly, some people will fall for this scam, and they won’t find out until it’s too late, too late because the money deposit to convert to other currencies frozen, and eventually gone, anony-pay.com will play this game, just like many other one. Don’t waste your time trying to outsmart it, these scammers are professional. Professional scammers but act like kids, maybe they are kids.

I hope people are not falling for anony-pay.com, don’t trust or believe anything on the website, it’s their strategy to motivate members to use the service, and one day will frozen everyone’s money and withdraw to their own bank account and run away, while starting a new scam.