Paypal vs. Payza?

OK with all the money making opportunity online, whether scam or not, they’re paying, and they’re paying you via payza, moneyperfect, paypal, etc … which one is good and which one is not? which one is legiti and which one are not legit? Well!

Let’s just take at Paypal and Payza only. I used both. Not all of them are the same, they’re mostly for specific purpose. For instant, the thingie will payout via payza and a couple other ones, but not Paypal, so yeah you would need payza account.

One person from a forum wrote this:

Quick BreakDown Based on my OWN Experience.
Paypal is good as this is much widely known. In fact we were almost 2 years with them until one day we got hit by their “UnJustice” – “UnJust” – “Unfair” Decision.
Payza(AlertPay) is also good as it can be alternative to people in India or any country that doesnt support Paypal but the downside was that there are lot of people having problem verifying their account and even withdrawing their funds. Their
(In the next day, i will be applying for their Payza
Moneybooker is what i recommend for now as what i noticed that they don’t charge any transaction fee.
If i sell service, or someone pay me $100 USD
the amount i received is “EXACTLY” $100 USD unlike any other payment processor that charges fee for every money that was being received.
Liberty Reserve is good too especially when your into PPC sites. As payment is being received and traded good with LR Funds.
2checkOut as what i heard is good too as they can intergrate and accept paypal payments but the downside is higher fees.
Plimus is just the same with 2checkout too with some fees.
I never try those two yet but maybe in the near future i’ll do.