[SCAM] http://btc-o-matic.com/ the same people operates coingeneration.com

Investors beware! don’t say we didn’t warn you. The new website http://btc-o-matic.com/ is the same people whom currently running coingeneration.com which SCAM people hundreds of thousand dollars and tell lied lies many times making up stories for paying and broken promises. Think twice before you even put even a penny on this business. http://btc-o-matic.com/ once again has the same people running coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG. I has been a SCAM since June 2013, up to today, 90% of the people are very upset, but nothing can be done to make them pay. The other 10% of the people still believing in it are mostly new members, and members that doesn’t know that’s it’s a scam or just not smart enough to go and do research and read. Scam artist http://btc-o-matic.com/

fake video showing bitcoin atm machine from btc-o-matic.com continuos scam from coingenerations.com

fake video showing bitcoin atm machine from btc-o-matic.com continuos scam from coingenerations.com

This new website http://btc-o-matic.com/ did not mention coingeneration.com on its website whatsoever, however the video youtube created professionally with professional video editing, but still left sign and indications of special blue green screen video editing effects. On the youtube video, it’s showing what can be shown easily, but not the face of the person. In addition, it does not show the the person can actually deposit the cash in. The screen looks fishy, and the the orange red light makes it real, but it’s not!.

There are real Bitcoin ATM machine out there, but it’s not ready to be shipped, most are still in development, and the manufacturer are very transparent. Transparent in term of having the developer face showing, being interviewed by local news channels or by a credible media person. Apparently btc-o-matic.com isn’t a real Bitcoin ATM machine maker and seller, they’re just taking advantage of Bitcoin to scam more money, if coingeneration.com hundreds of thousand they stole from members isn’t enough. Very sad!

Do not fall for this scam artist buying this Bitcoin ATM machine.

To place an order, please contact us or fill in our order form. We prefer bitcoin payments, but you can also pay by credit card. The price of one ATM is $3,000. Wholesale prices are to be discussed separately. ATMs are shipped within five days of payment.

The website indicated that they prefer Bitcoin. Why? because it’s irreversible, cannot be trace track, it’s a one way transaction. $3000 is a lot of money, I hope that no one fall for this SCAM. They will take your money and will not ship you anything. All you get is delay, delay because of Bitcoin MTGox closing, delay because of paperwork, delay because of production manufacturing the machine, delay because of all kind of reasons they can advantage of just like how they operates coingeneration.com DigitalGeneration DG CG today.

The credit card payment will never work, you can try but it will never go through, most likely if you really stupid enough to give your money away $3000, they will ask you to go buy Bitcoin with your credit card, then use the Bitcoin to pay them. Again Bitcoin have no tracebility, not reversible, once you send you Bitcoin, it’s gone forever! Nothing anyone can do about it, not even your Bank, FBI, no one, that’s how bad Bitcoin is if you don’t use it properly. However if you pay via Bitcoin on Amazon and Tigerdirect and so on, that’s a different story, since Amazon and Tigerdirect are well known publicly transparent documented regulated online retailer business, while this http://btc-o-matic.com/ is not.

I urged everyone to please do your research, do not give away your $3000, that’s a lot of money. Even though they will eventually lower the price, or even say do a 1% down payment or something like that, still please don’t do it. This is the business that had lied and lies and took hundreds of thousands dollars clearly confirmed by Payza from its members since June 2013 and did not paid members investors properly. Sadly not much members can do because this kind of business is not regulated, all members can do is whine and possibly report to IC3 and hope enough people report to start the investigation, unfortunately, reality showing that not too many people will report them to IC3.gov merely because they think will get in trouble or loose the money which are not true, but just human nature.