English grammar problem will not get you approved on Postloop

So I heard about Postloop on Thebot.net forum and someone there made a good amount of money, up to $5/hour, but averaget $5 a day depend on how much time you spent on posting at various forums for Postloop.

I gave it a tried, knowing that I have grammar problem due to English is my second language so I use Micrsoft Words grammar check to help me out, ensure I don’t have any underline flag with grammar. So I followed the direction on Postloop to get started and started posting.

Opened up Postloop Portal as a starting point to post and to get approval rating. So I started a thread and use Microsoft word Grammar and Spelling correction, corrected, and proof read one time, then copy paste it to Postloop Portal, guess what? I got 1 point rating, and 1.6 rating, then once I get 10 posts, I received an email saying I post enough posts to get reviews by Administrator or Moderator. This morning I woke up and got an email saying my account posts submission all got low rating and rejected. The detail reason as follow:


Unfortunately the posts that you made at The Postloop Portal did not meet the level of quality that is required of Postloop. Postloop strives to only deliver quality posts to its users. The reason that your posts were rejected is as follows:

Your grammar is too poor for Postloop. We need posters with excellent English grammar. Your account has been closed, as you unfortunately do not have what we are looking for. You will not be able to apply for reviewal again, and you may NOT create another Postloop account.

Best Regards,
The Postloop Team

Well I tried to go back and share my contents but look like all got wiped out deleted. So, can’t post it here.

Anyhow, I’m not bitter about it, since I know I have English grammar problem, but hey, this will not stop me from blogging on my own website here :).

Fatwallet cash back really work and it’s cash not rewards points

Just want to give a shout out to fatwallet cash back. I’ve been earning cash back via paypal and check. Not points for rewards. Yes, there are a lot of cash back program out there, but many are just points toward your rewards, some rewards aren’t really cash. Fatwallet is a little bit different, you actually get cash, a check mailed or directly to your paypal account.

You can also take advantage of double rewards. Here’s the idea and actually it work for me. What I did was use my Chase credit card to make a purchase on Fatwallet for certain items from online store retailers that offers cash back. In this case, I get the 5% cash back from Chase bank credit card, and another 2-5% cash back from fatwallet, so as you can see, you double it sort of 🙂

One thing I noticed is with Fatwallet, the cashback don’t appear instantly, and when it shows up, there is a another several to 3 months waiting period before you can really cash it out to paypal. Versus your bank like Chase, probably instantly, but you may get deducted for purchase that got cancelled or fraud or whatever reason purchase didn’t go through, you will loose your points, which is fair right? Yep.

taking advantage of fatwallet and your bank credit card cash back double the rewards

taking advantage of fatwallet and your bank credit card cash back double the rewards

How to fix old Tiger rice cooker not turning on with recoil plug

*** Check your power cord first, wiggle it from the plug down to the connection to the rice cooker. It could also be bad wire near the plug, squeeze and giggle if you see light goes off and on, then it’s the cord. Just replace it 🙂

Short answer: For old Tiger rice cooker with a recoil power cord, most likely the recoil mechanism is defective due to aging. You can try pulling it in and out, chances are it will work for a few more times if lucky then longer. The fix is to unscrew that mechanism and lift the four pins up that connect to the power. What happen is over time the pin get worn out or doesn’t make contact properly. The alternative might be just by pass the recoil, basically remove the recoil mechanism.

I have an old Tiger rice cook that have this issue. This is a very good quality rice cooker by Tiger, however there is a flaw with the recoil power cord model. If you use it frequently of kept on recoil, pull in and out, chances are one day it will break, meaning it will not make good contact with the pins. You can play around with the recoil power cable pulling in out, yank it a few times, and you might make good contact to make it work again, but it will be totally useless one day. So it’s better to just fix it. You can buy new one for about $100, but save some money by disabling the recoil mechanism. Be careful, always unplug and work in open space where you know for sure it’s not plug in. Otherwise you can get killed with electricity.

*** One other thing to keep in mind is that, I don’t recommend you to bypass the recoil mechanism completely, as the recoil mechanism have something similar to a resistor of some kind to regulate electricity power going into the rice cooker, it’s also a safety mechanism I believe. What you do is just take the recoil mechanism out, which is that roll metal thingie, just take that out and throw it away. So you no longer have a recoil, but just a long power cord.


Do not buy live stock like fish pets deliver by mail or carrier

Here’s my experience with buyin shrimps crayfish whatever you call it and have it deliver by a carrier like USPS, UPS, Fedex. Although the seller is very good at communication and careful packaging of your items but chances are the carrier will not, in my case USPS.

The seller package very carefully, there are a total of 5 shrimps and only 2 of them survive, 2 dead and 1 have missing limbs chances are this one will died too. So total of 5, only 2 still healthy. The total spent was $21, and the seller is too nice, I’m not going to tell her that only 2 are healthy because to me she’s just too nice. Oh well, lesson learn.

Here in this state, shrimps that I want are not available in the local fish pets store, not even thatfishplace have it. However you can make special order, they will order it for you and you can pick up when it arrives, the cost is pretty much the same as buying on ebay due to shipping.

My recommendation, don’t try, you will loose $20 for nothing, just have fun, go to your local fish pets store and order the fish that you want, and they will call you when it get delivered for you to pick up, guaranteed healthy.

Facebook make people stupid

Apparently there are lots and lots of people writings about how Facebook can make people stupid both online and in real life, and on top of that impacting your general intelligence. The ones whom are writing about the negative side of facebook, we don’t know if they’re bias or hatred of facebook or had some bad encounter with facebook or something I don’t know.

My own opinion, yes and now, could impact a person’s intelligence.

Yes, you will become stupid, if you use facebook in a wrong way. Let say you check facebook daily and you subscribed to posting or newsfeed that are not  from a credible source then most likely you will get the wrong news. Sadly also as you scroll up and down, there will be some advertisements that will trick you to become curious and you clicked on it and started reading and you actually believe it or fall for it.

No, you will not become stupid if you use facebook the right way. Basically the opposite of the yes above. Subscribe to credible news sources such as CNN and so on. Only connect your facebook to friends that you know in real life, and off course your family comes first. Don’t just add thousand of friends to facebook. Having like a dozen helpful facebook friends is better than having thousands of friends that clicked on LIKE, it’s like clicking LIKE war game whoever get the most likes WIN.

Happy Lunar New Year folks year of the sheep 2015

For those of you that are Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and probably Cambodian, and Laos are celebrating Lunar New Year. Basically it’s today February 19th 2015 is the Lunar New year in which the Chinese, Taiwanese and Vietnamese are celebrating it big! biggest holiday of the year, it’s like the Christmas in USA.

I have to admit that, just in case anyone doesn’t know. I am Vietnamese. I came to America many years ago, and I speaks and writes fluent in Vietnamese. English is apparently not my first language, as you can see I made a lot of mistake in writings, don’t when to use correct grammar properly.

Ever since I moved away from California, which is the home of many Vietnamese, although Vietnamese are all scattered across the USA, but California is like the home of many Vietnamese, I don’t seem to have that Vietnamese traditional new year anymore. Part of it because where I live now, not too many Vietnamese and so the traditional cultures including big holidays such as Lunar New Year appears to be just like any ordinary day for me, working and spending time with the family. Off course, all my free are spent online, here and everywhere online.

So this year of Lunar New Year 2015 is the year of the sheep, and I wish every a happy New Year with all the best wishes and success! 🙂

Bitcoin GPU mining Finally paid off my Newegg credit card account with no interest

During those days when Bitcoin price started to rise, I invested money in mining equipment specifically to mine Bitcoin. What other ways better than those GPU miner? Yep, I took advantage of the Newegg credit card with no interest for 12 months, and the 12 months was over today, my final payment of $250 to paid off done.

Yes, I did spent $3000 worth of GPU related mining equipment for a 12 months no interest. I split the monthly payment evenly to avoid interest and I made it. Each month $250 for 12 months. Now I got $250 a month spending power 🙂

It’s kind of cool that most credit card company allow you to buy things and pay monthly without interest for a year typically. I took advantage and I accomplished paying it, although I heard of many people couldn’t make the payment and in the end put themselves in further credit card debts. For me I did the calculation carefully, make sure I can afford it, and whatever it take to make that $250 a month, even if I have to work week end to make that $250 a month. Although during that time I was able to make more than $250 a month selling the bitcoin I mined.

Now a day, mining for are no longer profitable at this time. However people can continue mining, just make sure you can afford electricity by not selling any of your Bitcoin mined. Keep your Bitcoin safe, and maybe in the next 5 to 10 years it will rise to $1000 or more again.

Perk TV are very strict now a day in addition to lower points and videos streaming issue

Just in case you are using Perk TV. Perk TV is an app for Android and IOS Apple iphone tablet for you to watch videos and performs certain task to earn points for gift card reward, such as Amazon gift card and Ebay. However recently the points earned has been decreased, and videos steaming has a lot of problems, and on top of that users account got cancelled even users haven’t done anything against the TOS.

Some say, PERK TV Farm are the people that are hurting Perk TV app business. Perk TV farm folks uses multiple accounts, multiple phones, hack tools and apps that can by pass phone, bypass watching video such Fast Forward and so on. Some think not. Perk farm people are following rules too. However many blame the points decreased of Perk TV farm people.

Now to the real problem with PERK TV. Video steaming problems. Some videos freeze and will force you reboot your device or force program to stop and restart. Some videos just in loading mode spinning circle and never load. If you don’t check your phone for these problems, your chances of earning any points is nothing, you will not earn much or any points if you encounter this problem all the time. Perk TV said they’ve upgraded their server, but performance appears to be the same, if not worse, we don’t really know if Perk TV upgraded their server.

Lastly there are rules and you must follow, Perk TV ways of detecting you’re not following rules, don’t think you can get away. You will flagged, and during reward redemption process is where Perk TV will cancel your account. The sad thing is they wait til the end when you redeem your gift card, your account got cancelled, so all your hard work for that $100 weeks and weeks gone with the wind, now that is mean. This is the reason many just request reward at very low balance, $5. Every $5 request reward right away. It’s better to loose $5 than $100 weeks and weeks of hard work. Once Perk TV cancelled, suspended, banned your account it’s pretty hard to get reinstated.

Here are a few things not to do. Never mix different internet connection such as your neighbor then your own or public wifi to access perk TV. Never add the 6th device. Never use Fast Forward or any cheats app for Perk TV. Phone # verification is questionable, some people said you can share one phone # for multiple account and will not get ding, however watch out for phone# that got cancelled on previous account, that might be flagged as well for cancellation.

What’s going on at Cointellect what are the staff doing?

First of all. The last message Cointellect posted on its official website cointellect.com was back in January 27, 2014. After that nothing was posted. The payout had been halted for few weeks now. Although some new members are reporting that they got paid a few times at the beginning.

Cointellect could have make this work by being transparent. What are Cointellect really doing, no one really knows. However I believe Cointellect started with the vision and prediction that Bitcoin will go up and or cannot go lower than $350 at the time. Unfortunately Bitcoin crashed down to $200 below $200 at one point, but regained back to $200 and been hovering barely between $200 to $230. Even with all the good news, no way Bitcoin will go up in the next couple years to even $500, however there had been community prediction that Bitcoin will go up to $1000 in 3 years, I’m optimistic.

Now if cointellect being transparent about where the money was invested to give back to the members then today there wouldn’t be so much bad negative reviews impact, and in no way in hell cointellect ever regain it’s reputation. No way! it is broken beyond repairable. Think of you car got, new, nice smooth ride daily commute broad you happiness an joy driving, then one day your car got wrecked beyond repairable, meaning it’s crushed – engine cracked in half ignite in fire, luckily you didn’t get killed. Now thing about that, can you repair that car like new again and expect same value if you are to sell it? I don’t think so. Same concept can be applied for happened to Cointellect. Cointellect is broken beyond repairable. Even if Cointellect is legit, but it’s so bad now not possible regain trust, as more and more un-professionalism being exposed.

If Cointellect members knowing at the beginning that Cointellect are investing in development of future technology for Bitcoin, or invest in low price Bitcoin and sell high, then at least the members knew and if Bitcoin crashed members invested in Cointellect can understand the situation. It’s all about transparencies but Cointellect isn’t talking telling what they’re doing with the money members giving to Cointellect.

Now for the Cointellect Mining Pool, no doubt that there was manipulation to the software such as lowering the difficulty level so the hash rate could earn a lot more than other normal mining pool. Cointellect mining pool is just a gimmick to get members in and see the earning, it’s like a trick, so members have the confident to buy contract assuming the profit is same with Mining Contract as mining pool, I mean 100 times higher profit or earning than any other pools, something wrong there.

Now just lately, a lot of members received respond from Cointellect, giving a refund. Well folks, for Credit card purchases, Cointellect will loose the dispute anyways so yeah they have to make it look legit so hope some members don’t dispute.

I can tell you this, based on my experiences with many previous large scale of ponzi scheme scam, such as Coingeneration, IPUservices, and a bunch of other HYIPs, the ending is the same. Some larger scale of ponzi scheme will tried to keep operation running as long as possible, this is to filter out dispute and at the same time giving old members some hope and new members to join getting paid consistently to get some more money in. It might work, and might not. Some users will fall for it, some may not.

The bottom line is, sadly it’s the users or members fault for loosing the money. Those that purchased Mining Contract via credit card, chances are you will get your money back. Those that paid via Bitcoin, don’t expect anything back. Forget about the gimmick of SwissCard debit card recharge payout, just another way of keeping hope up, Cointellect just killing time with those SwissCard whatever you call it, the process would takes weeks and months and in the end those cards get sent out, but Cointellect disappear from the internet. Cointellect is broken beyond repairable, all negative reviews and comments on the internet, it is not possible for Cointellect to regain confident and its reputation, no way!.

cointellec is broken beyong repairable

cointellec is broken beyong repairable

Cointellect crypto-linked debit cards …?

Cointellect members are reporting a direct email from cointellect.com domain. Appears to be massive email to all members. The subject of this email is “Get your free dogecoin card!” was sent to every members of Cointellect.

I did some research and based on feedback of many members on other forums and blogs, including social media like facebook. It does seems to brought back the hope of getting paid again soon. However note that the message from cointellect does not indicate any date, it could be next month, or few months from today or never.

Cointellect left out the target date does indeed trigger suspicious, there’s a lot that could happen in the next few months. There are speculations from this news.

What we know about Cointellect Debit Card?

  • This debit card appears to be at the 2015 Europe Bitcoin Expo. Cointellect did indeed showed the pictures. And sadly that is all we know.
  • Every member is getting the email with the link to submit a request for the card.

Speculation of what really Cointellect Debit Card is or the intention from Cointellect.

  • How in the world Cointellect can implement this debit card when they cannot fix the Mining Pool, cannot fix Dogecoin instant payout, cannot fix Cryptopay, Cannot fix paypal payout?. Basically all payment frozen for over a week and counting, Cointellect appears to be making up stories as they go along, find reasons for not being able to payout. So now the community trusting Cointellect to roll out debit card? and payout all backlogs for weeks? Impossible, big money laundry indication to the FBI, do you know how much is backlog payout is?
  • Why is there no specific date given to the roll out of debit card? – because Cointellect want some room to extend the roll out date, because of fake unforeseen issues will delay weeks months and many months, in the end will never got rolled out.
  • This announcement is just to keep the Cointellect members calm, so the members don’t report fraud to Credit card company, and sadly it will work. Members that paid for mining contract via Credit Card will hesitate to contact their Credit Card Bank to dispute the amount paid to Cointellect for services not expected to get. Because of this news many members will hesitate to report fraud, it’s just human nature giving chances when new opportunities announced although not happening anytime soon.
  • So why is Cointellect not just shut down and run away? – the answer is WHY? when they can continue to play around with the members. Manipulate the members into limited choices, and sooner or later no choice but to give up, and unfortunately it’s the member’s fault for falling into such scam.
  • How can Cointellect make this all work? – simple answer, continue to payout, even charging 99% fees, but at least having payout consistently, but apparently Cointellect failed to do so, none of the payout work for over a week and counting, some pennies payout to new members so they can buy mining contract scheme. Cointellect kept on making up stories that are broad, generic, that doesn’t makes a lot of sense, but does have some hope for members to stay calm as long as possible.
  • In addition to the above speculation, this could also be a check and balance to see if anyone request for the debit card on the same address.

Final words, Cointellect could have make this work if they continue to pay members, even charging high fees, but mention that the high fees reason due to Bitcoin value or something to that nature, because it’s true, be more transparent, but Cointellect failed to do so. Cointellect could have also say, the high fees will be reimbursed later in the future, partial not fully, still acceptable. Cointellect giving those “bullshit” reasons such as Mining Pool capacitor problems issue, Paypal issue limit, Cryptopay limit are just “bullshit” sadly many members believe these reasons. Those issues are not hard to fix, and if they cannot fixes those issues, then how can Cointellect have the level of competency roll out debit cards? answer me that. Take care folks, until next time, I’m your stupid lack of intelligence blogger as that’s what Coingeneration IPUServices are calling me when I told they’re scam. 🙂

We wanted to issue a quick reminder to all folks that we are rapidly approaching the official release of our crypto-linked debit cards. For those unaware, the debit card makes it easy to instantly spend and withdraw your CoIntellect earnings.
For a limited time, we will be offering free debit cards to all those who purchase BASIC contracts. This offer expires at the end of the month.
These debit cards will be physically mailed to you and will require activation. Once activated, they can be used for almost anything.
Withdraw cash from an ATM
Spend your favorite cryptocurrency
Transact with any MasterCard merchant internationally
As mentioned above, simply purchase a BASIC contract and you will automatically be enrolled for a free debit card. If you have no BASIC contract but want receive payouts from cointellect to card, please fill request card form, these requests will be processed after BASIC contracts owners, at second step.
Happy Mining!
Sincerely, CoIntellect Staff
Do not reply to this message. If you have any questions, please see our official Twitter page
Copyright © 2014 CoIntellect.com. All rights reserved.

cointellect rolling out debit cards scam fake hoax fraud hyip of 2015

cointellect rolling out debit cards scam fake hoax fraud hyip of 2015