Cointellect latest news and development

I haven’t written much about Cointellect, and today I circled back to the chat room and various forums and blogs, including facebook social media to see what’s going on at

Turns out Cointellect is still running, and members that purchased contract during the month of January 2015 appears to get paid via Cryptopay. For those that purchased contract before January, you’re not getting paid at all, your funds held.

For those mining without buy contract, your earning will accumulate, you will not be able to withdraw, you can only use it to buy contract when you have enough money, a minimum of 99EUR. If you mine with a CPU or GPU most likely it will take you a very long time to get to 99EUR to buy the contract.

Basically only newer members that join and purchased contract will get paid. Old contract appears to be voided. A lot of people are loosing money, but appears that Cointellect willing to give refund on the different ROI, so let say you invest $100, but you only get paid $90, Cointellect said will give you $10 refund. Whatever money you have made doesn’t look like you will ever paid, you need to contact cointellect to get refund on the ROI, all old contracts voided. Only contract purchased begin of Jan still valid.

Swisscard? I haven’t seen any confirmation that people are getting the swisscard, except for that one picture indicate the person received the swiss card, but suspicious because receipt posted before Cointellect announcement swisscard, so something wrong there, could be another lie from cointellect.

The new contract appears to be have less earning than what the max said. So the 99EUR supposed to have max of 1.10EUR a day, but people are reporting a lot less, sometime half. Instead of 1.10EUR people are reporting 0.70 to 0.90 EUR the most they’re getting, not the 1.10EUR.

As I said before, transparencies are important, look like Cointellect have transparencies now, but I’m not sure if it’s enough to keep them from being called a ponzi scheme scam. The did lied in the past or at least they don’t really know what they’re doing.

Biggest scam on ebay sad story for man loss £300 or $460 (USD)

By now you would have probably heard a story about a man from Europe, Britain probably, won an auction for an Apple MAC Book for $460. Then what he got was just a box with a black and white picture of the Mac Book. A very cruel game, cruel scam for this man.

The story goes, he sold his surf board to buy this Mac Book for wedding picture business, start up, since his health no longer permit him to surf anymore due to illness and numerous times in and out of hospital. He did some research on the sellers as well, seeing that he had been an ebay members for numerous years but probably didn’t check the rating or feedback.

Well folks, I can assure you that Ebay will refund this man 100%, don’t you worry, because I am one of Ebay members doing great business on ebay. I can also assure you that investigation will be get launched and if indeed a scammer seller, most likely he will get his money frozen in paypal or somehow paypal will get the money.

The bottom line is, Ebay is a big business, they have big team of fraud detection and will investigate and take appropriate action. For seller and buyers there are protection. You just have follow Ebay guideline in order to qualified. What’s obvious about this particular item is I’m sure if the seller shipped with tracking # and the package have weight recorded and if the weight don’t add up to be a laptop then it’s obvious case seller is a scam artist.

So where did hide the 7170 Bitcoin claimed got hacked?

OK to the title to this blog entry isn’t funny, but honestly if we look at Bitcoin as non-regulated, then anything can happen and nobody can protect anybody, you’re on your own. However there are basic fundamental  steps that you can follow to protect your Bitcoin wallet  just like how you would protect your actual physical wallet. Would you leave it in plain site? would your have multiple people access to it?

What surprised me this time is that this is a cold wallet, meaning it’s not a live wallet connected to the internet for transactions. This cold wallet supposed to be off the network, or the internet, how does it get hacked? Here comes the conspiracy theory! Yeah sure, stolen the Bitcoin themselves and claimed it was hacked by hackers. Why would they do this? either to get more fame, to be more popular for a few days or weeks, and then all of a sudden back to business and put those bitcoin back to work but still claiming that hackers stolen those Bitcoins?

If this is true then very sad that Bitcoin have weak security or people just don’t care to protect their Bitcoin wallet with simple fundamental steps.

Now if we look at actual currencies USD, latest news indicated that $1 Billion stolen by hackers hacking about 100 banks, that’s a lot more than the amount of BTC claimed to got hacked over the years including MtGOX.

7170 BTC got stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction:

720 BTC bounty for chasing it back.

All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of the unaffected coins will be arranged later.
Email:[email protected]
QQ: 4000070955

Will Bitcoin crashed again deeper with the news of Hong Kong bitcoin exchange disappeared?

By now, you must have heard about the Bitcoin related Exchange in Hong Kong disappeared with half million or so people’s money. Somehow it is related to Bitcoin, or is it Bitcoin Exchange. This is the risk people know about Bitcoin, the unregulated virtual currencies, some now believe it’s really a ponzi scheme scam. NOT! I think not, I don’t think Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme scam. If it is then everyone else on earth is a scam then 🙂

Bitcoin had been in the negative side for over a year now, up a little, big crashed, up a little, big crashed, and kept on doing this for over a year already. Who can save Bitcoin?

Myself and many other Bitcoin enthusiast I’m sure would agreed that Bitcoin will never died, as long as there is one miner or one transaction or one wallet still exist, it will never died, and in fact today it’s next to impossible to get rid of Bitcoin because there are so many wallets already downloaded and active … I’m not going into the detail because I’m not an expert, but I’m sure you know what I mean on how Bitcoin was made and exist.

So with this news on the disappearance of Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange or so call Mycoin should have cause Bitcoin price to tumble, but surprisingly Bitcoin maintain its $220 mark. What will happen in the next of days or weeks we don’t know. For sure what we know Mycoin Hong Kong Bitcoin disappeared according to the news.

So is Hong Kong Bitcoin Exchange Mycoin similar to Coinbase, Bitstamp and others? Yes, I think so. So if this happened in Hong Kong, can the same thing happen to Coinbase? Yes off course why not? But at least in Americas there are court of law. Will it happen to Coinbase? Yes possibly but for sure there will be some sign of it will fall apart before it will fall apart. What were the indication if any that Hong Kong based Bitcoin Mycoin closing? we could learn from this.

How will the Japanese react to the ISIS beheaded two Japanese journalist?

I thought I saw an article from CNN website in regards to the Japanese reactions to ISIS beheaded two of their journalist. The Japanese people reaction to this act from ISIS was “Japanese will never forgive ISIS” those are strong words.

Apparently that guy whom had beheaded many people already claimed that he is ISIS, and confirmed. I’m just surprised that person is not being captured yet and brought to justice if he’s alive.

With all the technology we have to day, in addition to the spy planes drones satellite and so on, we still don’t know where this person is. The video was posted on the internet, probably social media website, but by who, can we track them down one step at a time? bring all those that have something to do with the beheaded of many people already.

The Japanese have superior technology, can’t the Japanese do anything to track down these ISIS terrorist? Using technology, or at least provide the technology to the US or whoever that are fighting the ISIS terrorist today?

My personal opinion on this is that, the Japanese now have a reason to participate in the fight against the terrorist, and this incident might be good as now the fight against ISIS terrorist have more participant, and this new participant have superior technologies which might be able to assist in the fight.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 no possible survivor stall warning before went down

Once again so sad to hear this old news again. At least this flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed able to detect wreckage and recover of the dead passengers. Hope your spirit help us find out what happened so that we can prevent occurrences again.

The other flight MH370, was never found, not sure if it will ever be found, and as many know there will be a lot of speculation conspiracy theories and so on. People whom are in the conspiracy theories will off course take advantage of the missing Malaysian Air MH370 to back up whatever stories or theories they have.

So what we know so far on the cause of the crash for “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” isn’t terrorist attack, and probably not 100% weather related. Could be combination of each factors from bad weather, pilot error, and engine mechanical technical failure such as the STALL warning heard from flight recorder.

This just frighten me everytime I need to fly. Sometime I think it’s better to drive, but there are fatal car accidents everyday. Taking train safe? no, there are also fatal train accident. Walking? no you can hit by a car or something and died. Stay home don’t go anywhere? no the roof can collapse on top of you or some other natural disaster. The bottom line is everybody will died, whether at home live in a cave or frequent travel daily for business flight, we all can have similar chances of getting killed. So live life to its fullest, be nice to each other, and be happy and share the wealth 🙂

Hashprofit is gone and so is your money

As many people have already known, back in late December Hashprofit having problems with its websites and became transparent that their HYIP didn’t last long, and officially gone as of today since late December. This is before Bitcoin price today crashed to $100.

This is no surprise, since the price of Bitcoin just crashed to way below the time when it started rising back in 2013. There will be more business related to Cryptocoins in general, not just Bitcoin, will be closing. Some just disappear without a trace since they’re using anonymous or stolen identity to operate, and these are the ponzi scheme scam if someone really fall for it. Some larger business such as Exchange will give a reason and warning, asking users members to withdraw all their Bitcoin before closing down with specific date.

Hashprofit was among one ponzi scam that I talked about previously that don’t show much sign of straight ponzi scam, but it will be, and it did as we already known. Cointellect have similar business model to hashprofit, so the question is how long can Cointellect survive before they disappear? don’t know, just have to wait and see.

I highly recommend everyone to stop investing into any cryptocoins related investments as business might close suddenly or taking advantage of the crash of Bitcoin to pack up and disappear.


Many Cointellect members did not get paid doesn’t matter mining or contract mining

This has been confirmed by many members of Cointellect. Whether you’re mining on Cointellect mining pool with CPU, ASIC, GPU, your own computer, or purchased a mining contract, you will noticed that you’re not getting paid. Your requested paying has been pending for 2 days and continue to stay on pending.

Cointellect published a news sort of explaining what happened, but it is no surprise that any business into cryptocurrencies are falling apart. Whether it’s a legitimate business or simply doing something extraordinary similar to HYIP, small or big, all get impacted by the crashed of Bitcoin down to $100s soon.

Let be fair. Let not just pick on Cointellect as example having difficulty running their business, although it’s probably not legit, HYIP to be exact, but other business a little bit more legit such as Cloud mining had to shut down it’s operation, well brought it to a halt to be exact. hasn’t been making 100% payment, payment were selective, and relationship with cryptopay appears to be falling apart, payout via Paypal also got cancelled. Dogecoin payout pending for days and continuing. Most likely Cointellect will not be able to make any payout soon when Bitcoin hit $100s in a couple of days. Sad but this is reality now.

So what now? Everyone should be going out and get a real job! whether it’s working at mcDonald or Movie theater, it’s better than online. Although I’m sure many of us learned a lot from this experience of trying to make some money or make a living online, apparently it’s not working isn’t it? 🙂 Well that just my 2 cents. Will keep on blogging. Stay tuned.

Cointellect mining pool problems again but they’re not alone

Many smaller mining pools already closed due to the falling price of Bitcoin, where the owner operator no longer making a profit. One of the biggest Cloud Mining Pool closed or halted Clouding mining due to loosing profit because of the falling price of Bitcoin heading to $100 and being transparent saying that the price of Bitcoin need to be at least $320 for it to continue Cloud Mining operation again. At least appears to be transparent and honest about it.

With closing its door on Cloud Mining purpose, we don’t really know what the future hold for in general. is also with same company that is. appears to be still up and running, but we don’t know how long because the pool profit based on % of fee transactions, but again with the falling price of Bitcoin that could ending mining also.

It’s no surprise many small pools ran by individual already closed, website down, no longer existed. Bigger pool are struggling to pay its monthly maintenance. They’re paying via cash such as USD currency not Bitcoin or other cryptocoins that is why it is so hard to stay alive due to the falling price of bitcoin.

For Cointellect Mining Pool I’m very sure they’re struggling as well. Do not be surprise if Cointellect Mining Pool, including Cloud Mining Contract disappear because again due to the reason of falling price on Bitcoin, I’m sure they’re struggling as well how will they alive for the next weeks as Bitcoin price continue to fall below $100.

I’m not going to the detail of how Cointellect Mining Pool and Contract Mining work, although similarities exist with ponzi scheme activities on the mining contract, but I’m sure they’re struggling to stay alive too. The bottom line with Cointellect Mining Pool anyone whom are using it, do not get surprise if you can’t mine, can’t connect, get error, not responding, work rejected and so on, it is to profit loss due to the falling price of Bitcoin. Cointellect Mining Pool had to take action to prevent loss and hope for longevity. Cointellect not being transparent but many people like myself here can figure out that they too will struggling through this falling of Bitcoin price. For many that already invest lots of money with Cointellect mining contract, let’s hope cointellect can survive through this wave of bitcoin price falling apart, most likely will be below $100 soon. Wall street analyst indicated the price at this moment for Bitcoin should be around $140, but by the end of 2015 could be below $100, not likely that it will go up again anytime soon, sad but that’s reality of Bitcoin at the moment.

Hope for the next 10 years Bitcoin still exist, that’s all of us can hope for, not hoping it will reach $1000, but hope for existent of Bitcoin. does not pay to certain investments

Although from many blogs and forums, from people that had investment with indicated that they had not been paid for days and safe to say this HYIP ponzi scheme scam no longer paid.

Checking at under Payout link, we can see that all the paid out done to pennies cryptocoins, but never Dogecoin, Bitcoin or any cryptocoins that value high. So whoever invested on Cryptodouble with Dogecoin or Bitcoin including XPY can say good bye to their investment forever and nothing you can do about it.

Members that got scammed talks about reporting to the domain registrars and hosting company including cloudflare to shut down the website, but to be honest if you have money invested in that site would you do it? Probably not, because you like many others loss money on cryptodouble afraid that if you report to close down the site, you will for sure to loose all your money, you still have hope that they will pay you. Well folks? just did the same thing, people never really reported to the authority or website hosting or anyone because the fear and the hope still lingering.

The bottom line, is do your homework before putting your money into these types of ponzi scheme scam, also known as HYIP. Cryptodouble appears to the first of its kind taking full advantage of cryptocoins and being straight forward operating as a ponzi scheme scam, that showed proof of payout but the payout are all pennies amount, not with large investments such as Bitcoin Dogecoin XPY. It’s sad to see people keeps on investing if you checked the All investment links you shall will see money are keep on pouring in, but payout are in the pennies, big investors to cryptocoin double can say good bye to their cryptocoins. In fact I have just seen one investors given 4 BTC to cryptodouble, yeah he or she will loose it all.

Please spread the word, cryptodouble no longer paid to large investors, only payout to pennies investors as proof. hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins hoax fake ponzi scheme scam stealing your cryptocoins