Tesla “Insane Mode” button zero in 70mph in 4 seconds? WHAT?

Well no, not really in 4 seconds. However when you pressed that “Insane Mode” button, your Tesla car accelerated like a rocket ship if you even been into one, well about just like how you step on your car gas pedal to the floor without any hiccup on the engine that is. Yeah try to put the pedal to the metal with your pinto or old corolla car, it’s not going anywhere because most likely your carb will get flooded gasoline and the car won’t start.

Tesla has many technological advance in innovation. Tesla is just one, there are also Space X which aim to take human to orbit and beyond affordable for the average Joe, and possible giving people ideas to build their own rocketship and spaceship for traveling beyond our solar solar system. Talking about that, the new star war movie is coming out, long time from today though 🙂 http://www.cnn.com/videos/tech/2015/01/28/mxp-tesla-insane-mode-stuns-woman.hln

Tesla Insane Mode acceleration crash

Tesla Insane Mode acceleration crash

Hotwire $20 OFF coupon code “HAPPYJAN”

Hotwire is a great website for hotel, flight and car rental deal, most of the time. Today I received a message, you can get $20 off your purchase with coupon promo code “HAPPYJAN”.

I’ve booked many flights, cars and hotels on hotwire and got big savings. A while back, flights on hotwire does not have specific time and date, because of low prices, but now you can pick the time and date exact one that is.

You can also make money off of Hotwire by being an affiliate and yes you can click on your own link as referrals and purchase it and put money in your pocket. Or you can simply join fatfallet and centralize all your earnings in one place as an affiliates to many online retailers.

AirAsia Flight QZ8501 no possible survivor stall warning before went down

Once again so sad to hear this old news again. At least this flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crashed able to detect wreckage and recover of the dead passengers. Hope your spirit help us find out what happened so that we can prevent occurrences again.


The other flight MH370, was never found, not sure if it will ever be found, and as many know there will be a lot of speculation conspiracy theories and so on. People whom are in the conspiracy theories will off course take advantage of the missing Malaysian Air MH370 to back up whatever stories or theories they have.

So what we know so far on the cause of the crash for “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” isn’t terrorist attack, and probably not 100% weather related. Could be combination of each factors from bad weather, pilot error, and engine mechanical technical failure such as the STALL warning heard from flight recorder.

This just frighten me everytime I need to fly. Sometime I think it’s better to drive, but there are fatal car accidents everyday. Taking train safe? no, there are also fatal train accident. Walking? no you can hit by a car or something and died. Stay home don’t go anywhere? no the roof can collapse on top of you or some other natural disaster. The bottom line is everybody will died, whether at home live in a cave or frequent travel daily for business flight, we all can have similar chances of getting killed. So live life to its fullest, be nice to each other, and be happy and share the wealth 🙂

Waze app can help you drive more safer?

There’s an app out there, I believe for both Android and Apple IOS call Waze. There are many other similar App like it. Just that Waze attracted the most users.

Waze basically like GPS but with enhancement which allow you to interact by tapping the icon on the screen. Now this could cause some distraction on the road, but it’s just simply a tap, some even think it’s helpful to keep driver alert and awake. Well the Police have mixed reactions.

Law enforcement some say it’s putting Police at high risk that link back the COP killer in New York, that person killed the COPS have Waze app installed but did he used it? I don’t think it’s that hard to find COPS in New York, they’re almost everywhere.

Google got mixed reactions and mostly pointing out that the Waze are actually helping users to be more alert and drive slow when an alert saying COP is ahead or nearby. In fact I think this can be helpful to locate the nearest COP for help.

To me, Waze is somewhat similar to car Radar detector. Although Radar detector were banned in many states but I don’t think a COP would know you have radar detector in your car. Basically that Radar Detector in your car will detect nearest Police card by COP car radio frequencies and off course if the COP is using Radar to check your speed, this included the standalone speed checker mounted on a pole with camera. Not sure if anyone still using Police Radar or anything to that effect now a day, maybe that’s why Waze is so popular now.

With this news about Waze, just made Waze more popular and I can see more download will occurs in the next few days. Although the App is free, I think they gained some benefit such as advertisements. I think a good app, just like any road app, use with caution, stay away from road app that required you to read or interact by typing while you’re driving. Road app that have voice recognition or text to speech are perfect! tapping the screen once in a while is acceptable! 🙂

Google Waze app was use to kill COPS in New York

Google Waze app was use to kill COPS in New York

CNN published amazing pictures of new discovered planets possibly

I’ve been always fascinated with science and technology, especially the universe. Very seldom often where CNN news would publish certain contents about the universe in its frontpage or head line news. Well today, it did, and it’s a wonder finds. This will get people think outside of the box, outside of Earth for sure 🙂 There are many planets could be beyond Pluto within our solar system. If you think Saturn ring is awesome! well wait till you see what astronomer discovered similar planet to Saturn except its rings are much bigger, how about a lot bigger than the planet itself.

Saturn has ring, just rocks circling the planet, and yeah some do go off the ring once in a while but not much, not alarming. Now the new discovered planets have rings many times the size of planet circling, 200 times larger than Saturn. Makes me wonders how that possible because it need to have strong gravitational force to keep it on its right position. Very interesting.

new planet saturn discovered with 200 times the ring of saturn

new planet saturn discovered with 200 times the ring of saturn


NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft will be visiting Pluto in a few months

Pluto is the last planet known to mankind at the outer edge of our solar system, although scientist believe that there are other planets beyond Pluto. Pluto was once not classified as not a planet, instead just a start, not sure the result today.

However what we know today, according to NASA website http://www.nasa.gov/press/2015/january/nasa-s-new-horizons-spacecraft-begins-first-stages-of-pluto-encounter/#.VMhUif7F9vA The New Horizon Spacecraft should be near or at Pluto in few months, probably before Summer 2015. The voyage appears to taken 9 years.

9 years to walk to Pluto New Horizon spacecraft

9 years to walk to Pluto New Horizon spacecraft

So let say if we have a spaceship we could have reach Pluto in less time, fraction maybe, 1 year. People could have been enjoying this 9 years trip, away from the Earth human natural disaster :).

Perk TV decreased points earned and “Are you still watching”

That’s right folks, this has been confirmed by the Perk TV farm communities, especially in reddit and directly in Perk TV facebook fanpage.

“Are you still watching?” YES, now you would have to click it more often than ever. Which mean those large Perk TV farm probably will not see much earning because if they forget to click on “YES” then they earned nothing. The “Yes” was not implemented few months ago, then “Yes” every 24 hours, then “Yes” every 8 hours, then “Yes” every 1 hour, then today “Yes” every 30 minutes or less, so what’s next? “Yes” every video?

Points earned decreased from 10 points few months ago, to 8, to 5, then now today to 3 or less, some video will not have point at all.

For sure Perk TV will see decreased members in participating in this reward program for watching to get points which can be converted to rewards gift cards such as amazon gift card and Ebay.

I do have a small Perk TV farm, but been doing it complying with their Perk TV policies, 5 devices per account, 5 accounts per household that can proof of residencies. Earning dropped dramatically and I’m selling my Perk TV phones on ebay since it’s no longer efficient to earn.

Passengers airplane landing sideways?

Yes indeed this is possible and required when there are cross wind. Appears that any experience pilot would know and can attempt but failure rate could be greater than success rate. So far I think these videos are just experiment an attempt to land a passenger plane side way when there are cross wind. So far the only airport that have this kind of cross wind is one airport in UK.


Flight recorder Black Box found for Flight AirAsia Flight QZ8501

The black box or flight recorder found for Flight “AirAsia Flight QZ8501” that crashed into the ocean and at the bottom of the sea for many weeks now. This is a different airplane, the other one still not found, nothing was found for that flight, it had vanished.

Hopefully there will be some closure on what happened to this airplane causing it to go down, we probably already know it’s not a missile, it’s not terrorist, or mechanical malfunction either based on maintenance record.  The closest prediction would be weather related.