[SCAM] coingeneration.com finally being transparent and honest about its operations

Many people if not all are reporting they cannot get to coingeneration.com in addition to their ThreadManager no longer connecting. Well folks? you know what this mean? could this be it, as I’ve predicted that coingeneration.com will scam the second wave of people, investors some invested in the thousands and did not get their ROI (return of investment) back loosing a hefty big amount of money, being lure trick to invest in the thousand, reinvest and refers more victims to coingeneration.com due to the 20% commission, these referees will even refers their family members  due to the greedy 20% commission.

All this come down to not even the expiration date of domain coingeneration.com due to expire on September 17th 2014, few months away. But wait! dgstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com are still up and running as new scam. SCAM even bigger amount, SCAM existing Founder Position. It is their way of killing time and play with the payment processors, if you tried to dispute, coingeneration.com will use their term of services (TOS) back and those additional websites will help them wins over the disputes. Meaning that if dispute on getting refund exist, most likely coingeneration.com will fight to get your money. Sadly, a scam that worth millions of dollars are now in the pocket of scamming scammers coingeneration.com.

dgstocks.com and btc-o-matic.com are still up and running, as a cheap website 30mins template wordpress design, just a trick. Coingeneration.com could have made a mistake, they should have not link their coingeneration.com to their btc-oo-matic.com, however it doesn’t matter, coingeneration.com scammers probably already created a tons more websites with new strategies to scam more money from people.

Some people think they can beat the HYIP system. Most would say, invest early, get in and get out quick. Some win, but most loss, loss in a big. The winners appears to be those that go out and refers victims for these HYIP scam, in return these people get money through referrals and let the people they refers falls victims suffering the loss to these HYIP. The people whom goes out and refers victims feel no shame, they’re as bad as the HYIP operators, only think for themselves and don’t care what these people they refers will eventually looses money and the HYIP get shut down without a trace.

Once again, please be careful. These HYIP has been around for a long time. It’s similar to non-regulated online gambling. The admins or staffs or owners uses fake identity or stolen identity to register domain name, web hosting, online payment processors like merchants, and off course bank account as well. As you can see all these are done anonymously, or by using stolen identity of someone operates the scam activities online. It’s next to impossible for FBI or Interpol to trace. Luckily, in the USA shut down most if not all these activities already, like the latest EGOPAY and Payza been banned from operating in the USA.

Bottom line, if you have that $5 or $100, keep it, treat your love one with nice lunch, treat homeless person where you will be remember as a loving caring person contribute to society. Don’t be greedy, if you a child don’t have enough money for that special treat, maybe buy him/her a treat with your $5 instead of invest in a stressful scam online HYIP like this coingeneration.com ipuservices and many other one that come and go, and more and more are popping up with new strategies, some live longer than others. The one that live longer are the most dangerous ones and could be the one that will pocket the most money in their final attempts to scam with good news and future developments to motivate people to invests. The same thing with dollarsflowsystem.com new strategies that are currently working, but eventually everyone will fall into their scam.

Dollarflowsystem.com DFS remain positive no major negatives feedback so far


With the failure of coingeneration.com being a scam since April 2013 struggling to get members faith back but unsuccessful. Coingeneration.com could have survive and remain strong and powerful, but due loosing momentum at gaining members trust decreased dramatically and eventually today not too many people trust the name coingeneration.com anymore due to their ponzi scheme scam business being exposed and proof all over the web, without hundreds thousand members reported not being paid, in some cases being tricked, trapped, lure in investing money and continuing the cycle of scamming.

for DFS, also known as dollarsflowsyste.com, has been online longer that coingeneration from day 1 to scam. DFS has been getting positive feedback from all over the web. Maybe people should bookmark this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Dollarsflowsystem to get updates. However let me remind you that facebook page even if you don’t see negative feedback, it doesn’t mean that the business is good. It could be all negative feedback has been deleted by the operator or owner of the fan page. On the other hand, positive feedback appears in facebook fan page of the site business also could be from fake members giving feedback, getting paid to do so, very easy to do with a little bit of money you can have your facebook fan page flooded with thousands of likes and daily updates comments from bots and third world countries copy and paste what need to be posted. It’s a nasty world out there. So be careful!


What if SolidTrustPay STP no longer support dollarsflowsystem.com?

For USA based investors, online HYIP that is, it’s been difficult. EGOPAY, PAYZA and many others payment processors no longer support US based users. So the only option is to us SolidTrustPay STP. However lately we’ve seen that’s a challenge also. Operators of HYIP having some issue with it.

Taking dollarsflowsystem.com for example, if you’re US based investors, the only way for you to invest paying or depositing money to DFS is to use SolidTrustPay, which takes days to deposit your fund then deposit into DFS if you don’t already have initial funds. However you could do exchange with a private party, he/she will take your paypal for example and give you STP funds, with a fee off course, so it might be better this way, however be careful of more scammer stealing other’s account to send you money in the end you will get in trouble, so maybe best to deposit your fund to STP from your bank, and then to DFS, then if something happen like DFS don’t work, you can request dispute to get your money back if it hasn’t been 30 days yet.

So now DFS still have problem with API or automatic functionality that allow automatic deposit and withdrawal instantly. However DFS did announced the problem and they’re working to rectified it, and continue to manually approve and send payout, no big complaint from the members community so far.

So the question remain. What happens if STP no longer support USA based users? Then USA would be totally off investing online HYIP? seems like it.

Dollarsflowsystem.com SSL not working https error

If you’re trying to access dollarsflowsystem.com via SSL or https, you will notice that it’s not working at the moment, I’m not sure when the problem started.

SSL https are secure connection. Meaning that when you type in information on that website with the key locked on https SSL, your data is sent encrypted!

If you try to access it with none SSL https, it’s not a secure connection, meaning whatever data you typed in or filled out and send, it’s not encrypted and hacker can get a hold of it and now your data transparent to them. These data could be your account name and password, it will get stolen, hacker log in and do what you can do, which includes changing password, email, account payout methods to pay to different account, basically stealing your money is now possible with none secure https ssl connections. So be careful, and contact dollarsflowsystem about it before logging in without the https SSL.

SSL https website dollarsflowsystem.com now working error

SSL https website dollarsflowsystem.com now working error

Dollarsflowsystem.com has been working nicely for everyone

I’ve google search for information about Dollarsflowsystem, it appears so far to be mostly positive. However as always, do not invest in money that you cannot afford to loose. No doubt this is another HYIP but they are currently paying, but hard to say how long it will last, some may say it will last as long as the investors keep on reinvesting for new investors invested. Sounds like HYIP, topcapitalist, geniuscapital, coingeneration, coinbeez, and so on doesn’t it? Well so far I don’t see lies yet! No tricks, lure, gimmicks or anything like that, perhaps soon? but not at this time.

There is a person written a very well short summarize comprehensive methods of paying with this. Here it is from the MMG forum. This make a lot of sense, and certainly better than I can word, which I have tried and not as good as this. So folks please use this as the guideline on all your future investment.

dollarsflowsystem.com working well no scam gimimcks tricks and lure so far

dollarsflowsystem.com working well no scam gimimcks tricks and lure so far


Once I join a program, it is then up to me (just as it is up to everyone else)
to implement some level of risk control along with some self-discipline.
This simply means that I will withdraw my principal asap and then make
one of the following 2 decisions….

1…….resist the greed factor, withdraw all of my funds, leave the program
and be satisfied with my return.

2……..use earnings in excess of my principal to continue with the program
and hope that it establishes longevity and, therefore, an ongoing additional
income stream.

The major determining factors that separate the winners from the losers in the
HYIP arena are these……

1 – The time they enter a program. Earlier is always better than later

2 – The amount of funds they choose to place with any given program as
soon as they join

3 – The ability to manage their accounts properly