This blog is currently being hacked defaced DDOS infinite hacking attemps

My blog is currently being hacked, attacked by you know who, however I’m not sure so I’m not going to mention or point finger to any specific individual or group or enemies. Talking about enemies, I believe the enemies that I have are the ones that I exposed the truth, the scam activies, the unethical behaviors. These includes but not limited to HYIPs, advance HYIP scam, such as,,,, and many many more that had been taken offline due to its scam acitivies has been exposed.

HYIP had been taken up a notch, had been taken to the next level of scam, so call ponzi scheme. Instead of the typical website that have investment plans with 100% profit after certain amount of time, some even have it low like 10% to make it legitimate, however the the advance HYIP the next level has some twist. Let’s look at as example, paying people to run a bogus software on their machine calculate some # and sending some text messages and so on that is all it does, but wait why? because if any member don’t keep the PC on all the time, then they loose money for that day. Some members and researchers did some analysis and indicated that the software next update could potentially be a malwares trojans using your machine as a hacking machine, run proxy server and so on, as we don’t see it today but eventually it will probably get activated or the business will shut down or no longer exist, those owners are working on it.

So back to the advance HYIP methodology. The bogus software we talked about. Now the investment strategies. Typpical instant payout, consistent payout, to get investors motivated. Motivated to invest more. Motivated to re-invest. Motivated to refers more and more people. Motivated referrals to refers others referrals to refers more down the chain, so call paramid scheme or multi level marketing. Sad thing about referrals is some even refer their family members, love ones, and friends, as a result in the end the program scam exposed and relationship between family members friends broken because of these activities, because of greed. So the members get paid for a while, at the same time coingeneration will work on the next stage of news releases. Make promises to keep members motivated, but the promises were not delivered, or was delivered in a different way, such as the latest bogus special video editing videos posted on youtube, althoug it was professionally done, but the concept of bitcoin atm machine exist not the fundamental of producing it and installing it. So once again, coingeneration will keep on luring more people trapping them, mostly the greedy will loose all the money, and the smart one will gain a few bucks that’s about it. Since look at each individual investors activities and determine when to stop paying them to make a profit.

Same with pcearner and many more that existed, exists and will exist. One died, many more will pops up. With the HYIP monitors out there, it does help the communities quite a bit. However each individual whom are involve with these types of scheme scam investment must do their homework. The bottom line is do not get involve or risk even $1, they can sense the investors not going to reinvest and will not pay them. The sad thing of all is no body can complaint or dispute to get money back. loss a large amount of Bitcoin with MtGOX

Ever read the news on, the one that didn’t get flood into your email inbox or spam folder from IPUS? Look at website under news release. There was one news that stand out and show interesting reaction! read this below.

The way I see it. was using Mtgox as payment processors acceptance. Meaning that was accepting Bitcoin through Mtgox. Apparently a few people or many people use Bitcoin to pay for their Division Manager account $150 worth of Bitcoin, and the price of Bitcoin was probably $1000 per coin (BTC). So look like didn’t cash out the coins or move their BTC out of Mtgox, and as a result loss all their BTC coins at Mtgox total could pretty high. Let just look at 1000 members, let say 100 use BTC as method of payment, that’s 0.2BTC each = at least 20 BTC, if the BTC gain back to $1000 that’s $20K cash IPUS loosing. No wonder they’re upset yes? again, this is just mere speculation on this one from me, just for fun! 🙂

BitCoin / CrytoCoin Completely Self-Destruct02/26/2014 With the total collapse of MtGox, the largest trader in Bitcoin, it is all done except for the shouting; Crypto-Currency is dead.Anyone who attempted to use BTC in the past as any type of currency already knew is was completely useless as a means of trade; worth $50 today, $1200 tomorrow.Good Riddance. Now if all the smaller outlets would simply do the right thing and realize that they are now meaningless, and they should lay down and die.Needless to say, IPU Services will not accept any form of Crypto Currency.

[SCAM] plan for March 31st and beyond?

Knowing that forum was closed many months ago due to their scam activities has been exposed. On top of that the forums has 99% negative feedback from actual members not getting support properly and the #1 issue of all, did not deliver what they’ve promised, if they did deliver something, then it wasn’t what they have promised. They promised a cow for a feast, but instead brought a small chicken, on top of that months later instead of the exact day.

So the last email appears to be working, they lured many new investors in giving them $150 free to complete the $1000? who knows, maybe they did. So the next question is, will actually will pay $227 to the 1000 division account? No one know, but this is what I’m predicting:

  1. will have new plan to lure people given them free money again. IPUS might indeed paid $227 to division manager position, and this will excite the people whom got the payout and voice positive comments about IPUS to refers more people in. If you look at it like this, pay out $1000, but get in $10,000 wouldn’t you do it? so think about that, that is their game. These are smart educated intelligence individual planning these scheme. Instead of using their intelligence to help others, they use their intelligence to harm others.
  2. most likely will not even pay the $227 because they’re not committed to, and nothing the members can do anything about it. IPUS might be using another strategy where they send out news update that they cannot make the payout at the moment, but will use the money payout to invest in greater investment and will double members $227 to $500 or higher or give members new hope. At this point they can plan anything they wan and no one can do anything about it.
  3. Look at the latest news:
  • MAJOR NEWS – MERGER In Place between IPUS and Former Competitor!!!03/14/2014 There will be an announcement shortly with regards to a merger between Idle Processor Utilization Services and one of its’ largest competitors.Keep an eye on the news, the blogs, and the forthcoming announcement


The above latest news giving you a hint of what coming up next, could be instead of paying you $227, they will use the $227 saying from each division manager account, 1000 members that is $227,000 to buy out the competitors business. This so call largest competitors could it be coinbeez? coingeneration? pcearner? what is it? will see.

Bottom line, don’t put too much faith on the $227, most likely you will not see it. A total of $227,000 movements will be a big red flag for money laundering, so again, no way in “hell’ an anonymous business like can transmit $227,000 payout in a short period of time. So $227? I don’t think so.

So people please! do your homework, do your research, don’t give out free money with payment processors you cannot dispute or file a complaint to get your money back.  It’s better to keep $150 and buy your family and friends loves one a nice dinner meal. $227 payout not going to happen 1000 members $227 thosand would be a flag for money laundering $227 payout not going to happen 1000 members $227 thosand would be a flag for money laundering

[SCAM] PCEARNER poorly functional design website HYIP

This PCEarner is another SCAM similar to and, and off course many others I’m not aware of, it’s out there. Taking the famous HYIP (high yield investment program) into the next level. Ever since the day of many copy cat of start to pops up all over.

Basically how these program work are:

  1. The scammer, use fake identity of stolen identity with a proxy IP computer, registered a domain name, and purchased web hosting. Either hire a cheap freelancer to create a website or normally the scammer would design it him/herself to safe money and keep it as a secret on who’s behind the scam website.
  2. The contents normally copied from another legitimate HYIP websites, modified it a little bit and good to go with TOS (term of service)
  3. Then off the the intelligence scam contents, such as invest $50 and get back $50 in a month, and $50 a month after that for 12 months as example. The cycle continue
  • At First, there will be a lot of skeptical people invest a little bit of money, typically minimum, and then as they start to see consistent and instant payout, they start to trust the program and began to reinvest and in some cases the victims invested more and more. Then later on the victims start to refers their friends, and their family members, as the victims makes more money they became greedy, reinvesting, in the end the program operators scammer start to manage each individual investors or group them into certain categories and flag them when to stop payout to them because the calculation logic these intelligence scammer had very good working one, they know when to stop the payout and in order to profit.
  • Then the payout start to stop, then the scammer start to make up stories, develop new ideas and so on to keep the members from having negative feedback such as reporting the scam website to authority and payment processors. It work for a while but then the members realized they’re being scam, however it’s too late to file dispute or get money back. Especially today with EGOPAY Payza and many others are being prohibited from operating in the USA or anyone from USA cannot use these payments processors.

These goes for all similar operations like pcearner and many more.

Back to, it’s no doubt that they had stopped payout for a long time, as soon as day one. Just like many other HYIP, but these types of HYIP taking advantage of new technology and lure people in to get free money, in the end the investors loss. Nothing the investors can do, since the scam website are being registered anonymously or registered with fake stolen identity of someone else, same with payment processors. It will be very difficult even the authority to track down who’s the operators behind these scam, could an individual like, could a group of people like

Watch out for the new as well, same scenarios, anonymous operators for the websites claimed to to be to accept and payout using any kind of payment processors. Wait and see this scam, see if I’m right, it’s a new scam but using the concept as HYIP, just new way to lure people in on using the service and stop at anytime to take your money, and sadly again nothing you can do about it.

Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2014

Name: fabio
Message: HELLO i was making some researches about PCEARNER because i\’ve subscribed in PCEARNER paying 137,50 $ and now the program is all steady…non going…

and when i\’ve tried to get information on facebook and writing to the support of PCEARNER, nobody has answered me…


THANKS blocked on black list

You can do this simple check yourself if you have malwarebytes you should already received a blocked message by Malwarebytes because the domain or the web hosting server uses to host malwares trojans viruses hacking stealing your identity and infecting your computer with key logger and trojans.

First, it’s very important to have at least two different types of antivirus installed on your computer. I highly recommend Malwarebytes $30 life time daily update, and $50 of either mcafee, norton, or some other well known brand, at least have two. This should keep your computer safe from an attack or infected with various types of viruses and malwares.

So back to, surely it’s up to no good. Sadly a lot of scam website out there running a scheme similar to HYIP. for instant. They will get you motivated with news update, and pay you greatly! instantly! and then when they realize they profit big or it’s time to lag or not pay anymore, or began their scheme of motivation with fake news make up stories to motivate the members to continue giving them free money. Sadly a lot of people still fall for this scheme and was never able to get their money back because the payment process in use are irreversible. Luckily now the US Fed Government had shut down many such payment processors, such as EGOPay, Perfect Money, Payza and so many many others due to involve with this scheme. Other countries still allowing it to happens, and you’re taking a great risk. blocked by antivirus programs due to hacking attempts with malwares trojans blocked by antivirus programs due to hacking attempts with malwares trojans

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\dt>nslookup
Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home

Non-authoritative answer:

C:\Documents and Settings\dt> domain website registration expires in June 2014

Yes, and by the time I posted this or the owner of the scammer website saw this will renew the domain just to stay legitimate. As of now based on multiple registrars data whois on domain the domain will expires on June 2014. What kind of business don’t renew their domain early? they only have less than 3 months left. What kind of business don’t secure their website with SSL https?

Whois data from multiple sources to confirm.


Whois Server Version 2.0

Domain names in the .com and .net domains can now be registered
with many different competing registrars. Go to
for detailed information.

Domain Name: ANONY-PAY.COM
Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: ok
Updated Date: 23-feb-2014
Creation Date: 16-jun-2012
Expiration Date: 16-jun-2014

>>> Last update of whois database: Sun, 09 Mar 2014 14:21:03 UTC <<< Continue reading not a secure website SSL do not register or use

I previously mentioned that don’t exist, then a couple days later it exist. Then I received an email probably someone affiliate to calling me an idiot lack of intelligence. I also received several email in regard to how the website was built, basically a $30 to $250 project posted on back in June 2012.

The website now has been designed with contents and pops up login / registration, but guess what? Did you noticed? Functionality is just like, even the layout look on top right side, looks familiar? click on the Registration or Login, pops up looks familiar?

Do not attempt to create an account, this website currently is not encrypted or locked to a secure connection SSL or also known as https, whatever information you send will expose to hackers stealing your account, and if you use the same username and password on your payment processors, the hackers can get in and steal your money, in some case worst stealing your identity to creates more scam websites and bank account with your identity, it is the reason why their websites are anonymous and likely they will not get in trouble because it’s not the real them, they just use stolen identity to operates.

The domain name  will expires in less than 3 months, just enough time for them to make announcement of their plans to steal more money. If they seen this blog from me, most likely they will renew it.


Domain Name: ANONY-PAY.COM
Registry Domain ID: 1727735911_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2013-05-15 21:05:31Z
Creation Date: 2012-06-17 01:02:00Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2014-06-17 00:02:37Z

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Creation Date: 16-JUN-2012
Updated Date: 23-FEB-2014
Expiration Date: 16-JUN-2014


We are a start-up company – Budget: $30-$250 USD

Thanks to lex sent me a message to back up what I was saying about It appear that the job to create the website was requested on back in June 2012? That’s a long time ago. Kind of strange. The budget was $30 to $250, this tied to what I was saying earlier, $50 to create that site using wordpress template, very easy to do.

I’m your lack of intelligence blogger exposing the truth about, $30 to $250 to create that website, just a content website, not functional and will probably not be functional, but what they will do is keep on promising, sending out promise, sending out new news, new lies, new make up stories such as what we’ve already seen their intelligence news article written by very intelligence people promise to have website up and running with different languages as well and completely anonymous. It’s funny though that they called me lack of intelligence, and they’re so intelligence to use their intelligence to tricks and lure other people giving them free money and sadly people fall for it despite the fact that they sees my blog and read it but even more sadly people called me idiot, lack of intelligence.

Keep in mind that domain expires in June 2012 just a couple of months, what kind of business, let a lone calling themselves a company, domain expires in June 2012? Yeah go renew it.

Sent: Saturday, March 8, 2014 1:16 PM

Name: lex
Subject: ipuservices
Message: Hi,

You can see on the link below a request for a freelancer to create the website
If it gets deleted by the time you read this, here is the text:

Single Webpage – Business Intro Page by TheCuban
Posted on June 17, 2012 by ActionScript projects

We are a start-up company – It is a payment portal website that allows users to pay for items, andf receive payments, in any manner they choose, all completely anonymously. We need… (Budget: $30-$250 USD, Jobs: ActionScript, F… is a SCAM Hacking Virus Trojan website

Please be careful when visiting website is a SCAM Hacking Virus Trojan website. It just launched earlier today, with a wordpress template website hosted on a webserver and domain flagged as trojans, virus, hacking website. This is based on Malwarebytes malwares scanners and many others tools, confirmed at the moment, this domain is a trojans, hacking, website. This is the same thing happened a long time ago when first started up. Then eventually they removed the trojans virus flag somehow.

Please be wary, be careful, this is fake, the domain expires in June 2014, only a couple months before it expired.

For everyone whom already sent $150 for division manager at with a promise they will give you $220, you can dream on, you will never get it, if they indeed give you $220 it is merely a trick they already set up since they know you will reinvest. However the $220 you will not see it, the will probably steal your personal information, hack your real bank account, and so on. If, this is still going to function that is, which is likely not, it’s a 1 hour wordpress template website. Very easy to do.

The owner, compliment me on my lack of intelligence, I thank him for that. Thanks for the intelligence compliment which will motivate me to expose more truth about their operations all over the internet in the next few days, weeks, months to come. You will see my quick text blog everywhere about their SCAM business. Thanks again Mr. Intelligence. intelligence scam from intelligence scam from

Look what email I got today from the scammer Name: Anony-Pay E-Mail: [email protected] Subject: Your lack of intelligence Message: Idiot

My lack of intelligence, poor me, exposing the SCAM of exposing the truth getting the owner operators of the site getting pissed off, poor me with my lack of intelligence. The intelligence one had spoken and speaks up about their operations is legitimate. They’re very intelligence, and they use their intelligent to tricks, lure, trapped others into believing in them to give them free money, they use their intelligence to harm others and destroys lives. Why not use your intelligent to help others?  Look what email I got today from the scammer complimenting me on my lack of intelligence.

Name: Anony-Pay E-Mail: [email protected] Subject: Your lack of intelligence Message: Idiot

Guess who’s sending this email to me? It’s the scammer IP address, from getting upset because I expose the truth. I hope that people out there are reading into this, and do your research. Do your research on, ask questions. If you ask questions to support, and if they don’t like you, they will surely respond the same way you see up above.