Investigating the person behind

One reader send in a comment in regard to report IPUServices scam operations that had stolen hundreds thousand of dollars from users members victims. I think this is a good idea and it will certainly work for people whom sends money using Western Union and other indirectly method, meaning that you’re sending money to not by EGOPAY, Perfect Money and many many others virtual anonymous payment processors. Then there is a good chance that this may work. However still some issue with as I mentioned earlier, these scammers operates HYIP using fake anonymous methos, using stolen IDs which they can obtain $40 for a big list of stolen identification from picture ID to passport. They’re scammers, and most if not all can create generate fake ID photos. In some cases these scammers hired someone else to go pick up the money.

For this case below, the member sent the money via Wester Union, someone picked it up in Allentown, PA. I doubt that’s the owner or operator of website but this person might have something to do with whether he picked up the money for someone else, or picked up the money for himself after exchanging something in return by someone else on the internet.

We may be able to proceed, as it’s a good idea. The sad thing is most people look at $150 is gone and it’s a hassle to go through all these to the scammer in trouble, these people have money to throw away I guess. Not me, even free or $1, and someone is scamming me, I would do something about it, not for myself but for the many that got scammed.

Subject: IPUS scam
Message: How about encouraging readers to report IPUS scam to the American Police/FBI/Internet crime squad? I made a payment via Western Union, and this was to a certain person \’Michael Papp\’ of Allentown, PA, USA. Western Union said that if they were approached by the Police, they would release details of the transaction, as every person receiving monies has to have an offical ID check. So the more people report IPUS to the police in Allentown, PA, could there be a chance of an investigation? bringing new customers to

If it isn’t enough the users members at IPUServices suffered the loss of $150 each division account, $50 each regional account, and multiple loss on $5 each referrals accounts, multiple all that by hundred thousand members or more, the total loss scam to are in the half million dollars. Now are bringing the members users to and taking advantage of possible new users members they can scam with now.

Hopefully not a large numbers volume of users will fall for scam. Apparently many members from already knew about they’re all the same. HYIP with a twist, some people win but a lot of people loss. scam announced it has nothing to do with

A great ending from SCAM? or is this a set up already scripted that, hey I will end my and blame it on you and then you just say that you don’t know me? How’s that?

The question is. Is still scamming more new members, as the cycle continue, this second wave of scam still happenings, dgstocks never happened, now linked to some QiWi terminal copy-cat.

Honestly I don’t know, nor if any users members from both sides know what really happens. obviously already clearly and transparently confirmed itself as a scam and closed its operation running away with all the members money who fell victims to its scam of $150, not 1000 division accounts but more like  hundreds thousands $150 account, you do the match, no doubt pocketed large amount of cash via EGOPAY, and many other payment processors where you cannot dispute or file a complaint to get any of your money back. It is possible that gone away with half million dollars pocket. was upset when they loss all the Bitcoin at, SCAM team will get more bad luck, people are putting curse on admins operators whoever they are, that either them or their family members loves one will suffers the consequences of what they did to hundreds thousands of members, some are poor and hope the $150 will earn them some extra money, but it all was a scam. I believe in Karma, and karma will get back one way or another.

Official Statement
For immediate release:

Regarding the situation with

It was brought to our attention today that the website has published claims about merging with us. We officially announce that DG has and never had anything to do with ipuservices and that the ipuservices founders have never contacted us with regard to any requests, suggestions, inquiries, and so on.

Having analyzed the ipuservices software, we can confidently claim that the software they provide is unsuitable for implementation within distributed networks and is a fake that does no useful work.

We are sympathetic with ipuservices’ customers and advise them from now on to make more informed decisions when choosing a distributed network provider. We advise that they should go for properly established businesses, such as DG, rather than questionable fly-by-night companies that, unfortunately, have lately been spreading quite massively. Unlike DG, such fly-by-night companies do not operate any real business activity and focus entirely on soliciting money from trusting individuals.

Although we have nothing to do with ipuservices, we have made a decision to help those deceived by ipuservices as much as we can by providing our software to them for free or at a significant discount and by offering them the most favorable terms.

We are appealing to all cpuservices not to contact us with requests to address their IPUservices membership issues.

Stay tuned for the upcoming DG’s anniversary update – we are 1 year online and here to stay!

Have a great weekend,
DG Team say good bye to you and take your money include $227 broken promised in a very effective way

Ever wonder why, they ( announced the $227 after the last wave of scam 1000 division account of $150 each? Lets be clear, $150 multiplied by 1000 that’s equal to $150,000 that they pocket, however it could be a lot more, because we don’t really know if they really open for 1000 position or more, the #1000 is manually manipulated, updated, not automatic each time a person purchased $150 division account. This figure does not include regional manger position and off course the rent referrals. Anyhow, the reason for the the announced $227 to motivate the last wave of scam people to give IPUS free $150, and it work like a charm. On top of that the fake which does not exist, and domain expires set in a few months, then they noticed and renewed to another year.

OK so after that last wave of scam, IPUS announced the date of March 20th, then was changed to March 30th, ever wonder why? very simple, because to kill time. Kill time for IPUS to withdraw your money from payment processors, then to their bank account, then closed their bank account, so they successful doing that within a period of time which is why they set up March 20th, but apparently wasn’t enough time so to be sure they changed to March 30th. Once they’re successful withdraw all your money cash to their bank and closed their bank, run away hide your money without any easy trace. Then IPUS will make up stories and announced news that tied to no payout for you. Like this merger announced 5 days ahead of time.

Then BOOM! shut down its operation with a nice ending, point finger at blame it on let eat crap! nothing can do, because they’re all in the same business. Nice huh? By the time people realized this, it’s too late. already got your cash out of payment processors to their bank account and withdraw all the cash, and way gone. The website still on just to kill time, and the ending point it to just to get authority look at instead. Unless in the next few days have some kind of respond to IPUS claim, it will be interesting.

Digital Idle Processor A Smarter way to use your PC United = Synergy!

A good way to closed down the operation is to blame it to someone else. Could it because DigitalGeneration DG CG did not make public announcement about the merger because it never happened? Just a way for to end their operation so they can focus on new scam? You betcha! that is what I’m thinking.

Remember that TheBoss or whoever operates IPUS mentioned that they clearly know what are doing, and IPUS are completely legitimate and transparent, what a joke huh? by now many people being betrayed, tricked, feeling being “donkey”, an “ass”, “idiot”, well it’s too late to feel that way now. Nothing anyone can do get the money back, since the money was send by EGOPAY, and other payment processors don’t accept dispute or reverse. You can file to but most likely it will not get resolve because many less of you afraid to file to because you’re afraid or belief in the program still and maybe one day they will pay you. Therefore the result everyone gave away free money loss.

Like I said many times before, let it be a lesson for you. If you have to give it out for free, then use it to go party with your friends or love one, treat them to nice meal, you will feel happier and gain respect from them. Don’t spend any of your money to any of these online scam business, ponzi scam, being tricks, lure, fake promise, “The Wolf of Wall Street” remember how the guy making the phone call to the investors what he sounds like on the phone but what he really doing is mocking investors as an idiot stupid falling for my tricks. That is exactly what happening here. I hope that god is fair, these scammers one day will see their life being scammed the same or worst way, if not then love one or people who they care will get scammed the same way. Karma, what goes around comes around!

Below is an example email got from one of the investor loss money with due to the scam that just finished and IPUS ran away with everyone’s money closed to $1 millions dollars if not hundreds of thousands dollars in about 6 months is how much money this IPUS scam business ran and pocket. Not much you can do buddy, just let it be a lesson for you and many others, to never ever invest in scam business.

Name: Rag
Message: Dear Sir,

Really i don\’t Know happens Like this i lost $150 in IPUS i am suffering from it now. But Still they Playing Game with Innocent People there is no why to STOP this Scamers???


Thank YOU 🙁 so far have no public announcement on their website in regards to merging with was the one that say they clearly know what the other online scam are doing, and this pertain to Once again at the beginning saying that they clearly know what are doing, and have no intention of replicating the same scam. Indeed! the scam from are much better. A truly legitimate SCAM. Sadly by now, people realizing is scam has loss hundreds of thousand dollars to and nothing people can do about it. Forget about dispute or complaint. as of today did not make any comment about the merge claimed that they did merged with and on website, the contents has been changed to indicate the merge with contents. Again, on website, there isn’t any public announcement on the website indicate the merger. Either way they are both scammers. Up to today still a lot of people having faith and belief in these two scammers operations and still keep sending them free money. The money disappeared, not really, all got your money and they’re partying with hookers drinking dust til dawn. While letting the program run automatically and only updates fake news motivated scam news when they need to get more free money. The cycle continue, either they will continue to make up new stories, or have new strategies to scam, or simply create new websites using stolen identities. The stolen identities will be use not only for website domain registration web hosting, but it will include payment processors, but most of the payment processors tied to these HYIP has been shut down by US officials, however other countries still available and sadly again the cycle continue.

After much due diligence, we have found that any shortcomings that we hace were fille by our competitor, and vice-verse. The idea beban to gain steam as we found ourselves short of liquid fund, while IPUS was flush with cash. We believe that the synergy brought on by this merger will bring us far into the 23rd century. We apologize in advance to any of those that are not happy with this merger. It was simply felt to be the best way to handle what was turning into a bad situation. We would like to thank all of those that have been with us from the beginning – it is our sincere hope to regain your trust in this venture.

Wow they’re reading my lack of intelligence stupid blog? or is it my haters?

Let me first say. The internet can be anonymous, anyone can be anyone, anyone can pretend to be anyone to say anything they want to say. Believe me, I don’t believe who you are you to be.

  Proxy server? sock 3 4 5? masking another person IP, stolen identity? or real? who cares!

Server: Wireless_Broadband_Router.home


Wow thank you for not DDOS me out existence I will keep on amusing you. I don’t harm you, and you don’t harm me, we play fair 🙂 this is the best feedback I got so far. I like playing fair. Don’t hate me because I tried to expose the truth. I don’t make up stories like you, I don’t scam people like you I like that! 🙂 LOL

Below is what I get from maybe so, maybe not, who knows and who cares 🙂 The bottom line, I don’t lied or lies. I don’t make up stories. Definitely I don’t scam people. However I will try my best to expose your scam, based on my small pea brain that you called me an idiot and lack of intelligence person. That’s great! just boosted my motivation keep improving. By the way, I’m fluent in more than one languages, English is my third language, not second or first. See ya on next update. Bye bye for now IPUS, coingeneration and! or whoever you are sending me message below.

Name: Ipus
E-Mail: [email protected]
Subject: Intelligence
Message: Trust me, If we wanted to DDOS you out of existence, you would not be here. We read you because you are amusing and joint together biggest online SCAM of all

What did I tell you huh? am I right or what? On my previous blog as I have predicted. announced that they will merge with one of their competitor, and no other than to be the biggest scam online of all. Right after the news they sent from, website contents changed to content. Wow it’s getting better eh? or should I say, more as many people can foresee.

So what happen now? sure your $227 as they promised you’re not going to get it, since send that email out earlier. Most likely say that they use your $227 to pay for the merger of

Let me tell you something. The professional writings of are somewhat the same. It’s a press release kind of writings. So many people said that are the same people for a long time already but I don’t see a lot of resemblance until today. no doubt from many indication on that. joint biggest online scam activities joint biggest online scam activities

Subject: IPUservices merger
Message: I normally use this address to access IPUS and now i opened it and this is what appeared….

Subject: Did u checked?
Message: Just check this 😉

As expected and playing game with the users

By now many people with account with should have received at least one or more email from Isn’t that interesting? somehow have all of member’s email to send out this email below.

Once again, people please ask yourself this question. How does got your email? Most if not all of you never registered an account with, so how did they get your email to send out the email below? Very simple answer, they are one! they operates under the same person!, the same intention!, to play game, to kill time to come up with new ideas to scam more money. However as many people exposed their scam activities, their plan to scam more money no longer working, however know this! they will not give up, they will keep trying and trying new things, they will not stop.

Let’s talk about the email that sent. It was indeed very professionally written, probably hired someone to do so, or the person him/herself with higher education, very smart, very intelligence instead of using his/her intelligence to help others, scamming them/us instead.  The first statement they said, they’re in business since 2011, I would love to see record of this, help corporation? are you kidding me, how stupid do you think we are? A real corporation is a registered, regulate business, why would they want to do business anonymously with

Secondy domain was registered “Creation Date: 2012-06-17T07:02:37Z” That’s just over a year ago, and claimed they operated since 2011 what a joke. You want proof? Look at my earlier blog, on proof that domain someone posted a freelancer job for $30 to $250 to design website. A business this cheap huh? wow helping a corporation business, and only have a budget of $30 to $250 to design website would love to hear respond on that.

Anyhow, this come as no surprise, although not exactly what I have predicted that they will scam more people when people move their money into, will play game like HYIP, consistently completed the transaction, then eventually stop exchange and run away, again nothing anyone can do about it. These are anonymous group, using stolen identity fake anonymous proxy server presence on the the internet difficult for authority to track.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, March 21, 2014
Subject: Clarification of Issues – IPU Services

Our Company, Anony-Pay has been in business since November of 2011.

Throughout that period of time, we have assisted literally hundreds of corporations and individuals with their financial affairs, being from simple payment exchange to funds transfers to investments. We have never suffered a negative earnings period in our existence.

In all of our prospective work, we perform due-diligence to assure a mutually acceptable relationship between parties. In January, we were contacted by Idle Processor Utilization Services to perform such an examination to determine if our firms could work together, namely, to have Anony-Pay act as a payment gateway for the services that Idle Processor Services, Inc, provides.

We will not go into any specifics at this point as to the financial reasons, but Anony-Pay has decided NOT to provide services to Idle Processor Utilization Services. There should be no speculation as to why, other than to know that Anony-Pay has decided with finality that it was not in our best interest to do so. Add to this the fact that we were advised seven days ago of a Merger between Idle Processor Services and a similar company, and we were simply unable to commit to this venture.

We do not necessarily feel it is our position to inform you of these circumstances, but it was made clear to us that no other parties involved planned on informing you, the client. We felt it our moral obligation to send this missive.

There will be no further comment regarding this issue from our office. Any questions should be directed to Idle Processor Utilization Services at [email protected]. Emails sent to Anony-Pay in this regard will be ignored.

We wish you all the best in the future.
[email protected]

March 20th 2014 now why no payout? oh they changed the date again to March 30th?

No surprise to many people. initially said that they will begins payout on March 20th with well guess what? March 20th 2014 is almost over here in the US, already over in many part of the world, but no payout possible  with using There are two dates given. March 20th will be the day where will work and payout non division or regional manager. Then March 30th will be $227 for division manager. Don’t count on it. No body going to get any money, they will come up with excuses new stories on not paying or if you want to get pay you must do something special for them.

Why? because they lied, lies, making up stories fake saying no affiliate with etc. but soon we will all see what game plan does and have ready to take more of your money. Sadly many people will fall for this, and looses more money with this

Also wait for their news on the merger. Most likely the merger will happens either with another scammer, and a few others all ran same ponzi scheme, hyip scam. Again most likely the $227 they promise payout will be a total fake, lied and lies again. They will make stories or use whatever advantage they can to say that they use the $227 payout for each division manager to merge with or whoever their big competitor is. Most likely or scam online currencies exchange scam online currencies exchange