[SCAM] new anony-pay.com motivation 12% APR, $5 per Referral, And STILL BUYING your frozen Payza Accounts

The SCAM continue with anony-pay.com formerly known as IPUServices.com although it had bad reputation everyone now know it’s a scam so anony-pay.com decided to dropped it, but still the same people operate anony-pay.com scam, operated IPUServices.com SCAM.

So what’s new this time? How about to motivate you to use it service, a $5 referral commission, how does it work? not clearly stated in the announcement. How will you get paid? not clearly stated in the announcement either. All the information given are purposely to mislead to either think positive or negative of its services, 50% of your smart people will not fall for this scam, while the other 50% think otherwise and will fall for this scam.

The scam as already indicated previously, allowing you to cash or convert your virtual currencies to the virtual currencies that you want or need. Such as from EGOPay to SolidTrustPay, and so on. Do not use this service from anony-pay.com these people operate the anony-pay.com are the same people whom ran IPUServices.com, at least the fact is that IPUServices.com members email list was given to anony-pay.com or purposely using it since they’re same scammers. anony-pay.com scam can last months or more, they will manage each individual members knowing when to freeze their account to steal all their money and nothing the members can do about it. Locked the members out, stealing their money, members will have no one to report to or if even possible no one will know who ran anony-pay.com the same as IPUServices.com

Sadly to say, a lot of people will believe the lies from anony-pay.com such as 3300 members, fake transactions history and so on … So very sad to see a lot of people fall for anony-pay.com scam. To be fair, maybe a handful of people will succeed in beating anony-pay scam, outsmart this new method of HYIP, but very rare that anyone can outsmart them. The intention of some newer methods of HYIP scam involves paying the members whom recruit a lot of new members, in return get commission payout, but it will not last long, as again, each account are being managed individually anony-pay.com will know when to not pay you or cash your virtual currencies to the currency you want. For example let say you were able to cash or exchange from EGOPay to Payza or Payza to Paxum STP etc. consistently and somewhat instantly, but those are just small amount you’re testing, and as you grew confident with them you decided to cash large amount from $10 $20, now you’re doing $500 $1000 or more, this is where anony-pay.com will steal your money, they will keep it and freeze your account, you can still email them and complaint, but they will not respond to you. Nothing you can do, it’s gone, you’re using anonymous service, you’re getting anonymous scammers, the scam the IPUServices.com ran.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2014
Subject: 12% APR, $5 per Referral, And STILL BUYING your frozen Payza Accounts

The BEST in Anonymous, Multi-Denominational Monetary Exchange

Frozen USA Payza Accounts – We are still purchasing these accounts – email us with what you have and what you would like for the entire account.

We currently have 3300 registered members – and we want more. To obtain more members, we are continuing to offer 12% APR on all deposits for the first 50,000 registrants. That is 1% per month. Nothing you will get rich with, but much better than your local bank.

We now also have your working Referral Link. Simply Register, login to your account, and click on the Refer and Earn button. This will bring you to your direct URL referral link, as well as 5 attractive banners you can use as you wish, with HTML code included. Refer a friend, and if they make a deposit, you earn $5 immediately.

Our FORUM is now open; it is a “Pay to Play” forum, which means you cannot contribute unless you are a member with funds in your account ($1). There will be no user names (You will use your account number, partially blocked) There will be no spam, no links. And no warnings.

If you have a question, a scenario, anything, email us now at [email protected].
For Trade details, complicated or unusual transactions, we will communicate via our encrypted emails.
If you wish to chat, we use TORCHAT only, as it is the only form of secure chat on the Internet. Download Tor Browser Bundle, add TorChat – it’s easy

More news coming shortly – watch the “News” section on the website

[email protected]

To unsubscribe to these emails, simply reply with “Remove” or “Unsubscribe” in the subject line

[SCAM] laxotrade.com Mikhail Gorbachev IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ

Look who’s spamming. If you were a member of IPUservices.com or scammed by IPUServices.com, you got scammed by anony-pay.com if anyone fell for anony-pay.com scam. Now you will get scammed by this below. laxotrade.com a new HYIP scamming you, yes that’s right, don’t be surprise if you get this similar email below. A small return investment a way to trick you, fraud you in, scam you again.

I hope people are not falling for this new scam. It’s funny that the email list was obtained from IPUServices.com and was used by anony-pay.com, now use by this laxotrade.com HYIP. Not a very good move. Or was this email list sold by IPUServices.com to anony-pay.com, and now selling it to the public. The email list in this case had all most everyone whom engaged into HYIP investment and get scammed, you think people will get scammed again after the IPUServices.com scam? YES, people will get scammed again unfortunately, we will never learn.

People please, laxotrade.com is a scam. Don’t for for this HYIP or any other HYIP, they’re all linked together, they know who you are, and know how much you can invest or will invest before backing out, at that time they will frozen your account, your money gone, nothing you can do to get it back. This is a scam that has been around for a long time, and unfortunately people kept on falling for it. Some think they can outsmart the scammer, but really only a handful will succeed, and you’re not one of them. So stay away. It’s better to spend $50 with best friends or love one, buy a gift for your a child, your family members, you will get more happiness out of it than getting scammed by this HYIP laxotrade.com.

This is a new HYIP laxotrade.com, and no doubt IPUServices.com anony-pay.com and many other have something to do with it.

new hyip scam laxotrade.com hacking your email account payment processors egopay

new hyip scam laxotrade.com hacking your email account payment processors egopay

From: Mikhail Gorbachev <[email protected]>
Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 8:38 AM
Subject: IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!

– 2% DAILY!

– 11% WEEKLY!



anony-pay.com:443 IS VULNERABLE openSSL https hacking possible

If you’re into computer, website design, or just reading the news each day, particularly into technology, you might have heard about the problem from secure website https openSSL. Well it’s now possible detect what was sending from https by a third party, the encryption basically work but there’s a trick that the hacker can fake or pretend to be real recipient.

To read the whole detail of this openSSL secure https issue, you can read here link: http://www.vox.com/2014/4/8/5593654/heartbleed-explainer-big-new-web-security-flaw-compromise-privacy

The bottom line is this website anony-pay.com is completely vulnerable https secure not really or secure at all. Do not use this website anony-pay.com their https is not secure site, whatever information you type in, including your password, email, account, whatever your types in or send or even do on anony-pay.com website is not secure. Hackers will see what you type in and hack your account and steal your money easily, if anony-pay.com even work for that matter. Seems to be a manual process, not automated at anony-pay.com faker. Here’s proof.


anony-pay.com https openSSL secure site hacking possible vulnerable very weak ssl

anony-pay.com https openSSL secure site hacking possible vulnerable very weak ssl

Heartbleed test
There should not be false results anymore, only “Uh-Oh”s.
If there are problems, head to the FAQ

Enter the hostname of a server to test it for CVE-2014-0160.

anony-pay.com IS VULNERABLE.
Here is some data we pulled from the server memory:
(we put YELLOW SUBMARINE there, and it should not have come back)

([]uint8) {
00000000 02 00 79 68 65 61 72 74 62 6c 65 65 64 2e 66 69 |..yheartbleed.fi|
00000010 6c 69 70 70 6f 2e 69 6f 59 45 4c 4c 4f 57 20 53 |lippo.ioYELLOW S|
00000020 55 42 4d 41 52 49 4e 45 88 bb 96 79 d9 6c c3 c2 |UBMARINE…y.l..|
00000030 3e fb 5a 09 e5 aa 16 82 8b fd f5 e7 16 a7 79 d6 |>.Z………..y.|
00000040 48 d1 8a 85 16 7a 41 0c 57 8e f8 56 d7 cd a5 35 |H….zA.W..V…5|
00000050 5b 82 d1 fa 4d 15 c4 a7 ff dd f8 ad 88 b4 80 b2 |[…M………..|
00000060 73 b7 b5 a7 e7 aa 28 c4 32 76 57 d5 0a f5 ca 39 |s…..(.2vW….9|
00000070 bc 9e 8f 77 4b e1 e1 24 c4 4a 9d c3 43 7e 89 bc |…wK..$.J..C~..|
00000080 a3 06 78 bb 6b cb 4d 25 e4 02 ff 57 |..x.k.M%…W|
Please take immediate action!

Go here for all your Heartbleed information needs.

If you want to donate something, I’ve put a couple of buttons here.

Built in a frenzy by Filippo Valsorda. Twitter, Github. <3

Thanks to one contributor.
Subject: ‘Heartbleed’ Bug
Message: anony-pay.com:443 IS VULNERABLE.


[SPAMMING] anony-pay.com sent massive email to IPUServices.com users in an attempt to get people into their new scam program

For those that have multiple account with IPUServices.com or have multiple copies in the past with IPUServices.com software installed registered, most likely you get massive email spam from anony-pay.com, SPAM filter might or might not work depend on how you set it. Since anony-pay.com using email gateway that can by pass SPAM detection.

anony-pay.com spam ipuservices.com members registered email massive email to get people into the new scam

anony-pay.com spam ipuservices.com members registered email massive email to get people into the new scam

[SCAM] anony-pay.com 12%APR interest if you maintain a balance

For those of you whom had done HYIP before, you will know that what anony-pay.com doing are HYIP methodology. It’s not direct HYIP, rather indirect method. Anony-pay.com can profit in many ways, and the last attempt they will have whether it’s 3 months from today or 6 months or a year, they know when to stop. When that time come, anony-pay.com will frozen everyone’s money and cash it to their bank and run away with it. No one will know who anony-pay.com are, except the scammers themselves.

If you read the newsletter from anony-pay.com They mentioned that they will offer 12% interest if you have a balance on their website. Come on people!? are you really going to keep your money in anony-pay.com and let them manage it? Does this sounds like HYIP? although the scam anony-pay.com have is unique, it’s the next level up from HYIP. An enhancement version of the direct straight forward scam, give me $50, I will give you back $50 a month, and $50 a month for the next 6 to 12 months, in which they will daily consistently at the same time promote through referrals commissions, promote through motivation news such as adding chat support, adding forums, and so on and so forth. That is exactly how the HYIP concept work.

Some people might be able to outsmart anony-pay.com, but the majority will loose great amount of money and nothing can done to get it back. As you see, it’s a one way transaction, no such thing as mistake or dispute. Anony-pay.com is the same person whom ran IPUServices.com that scammed hundreds thousands dollars from victims that believe in super power computing software running on their computer to make money. Sadly, it ended with everyone’s money in IPUServices.com pocket and now they start anony-pay.com to pocket more money with same concept.

Currently they’re on a campaign constantly writing news, spamming people’s email, with great news to lure users in to spend money, to convert their virtual currencies, to keep balance in there, and eventually your money will be frozen, and anony-pay.com will make up fake stories, reasons and news to motivate people to stay calm while anony-pay.com complete the scam by transferring all your money to their bank account and cash it out, then you know what happen next I don’t need to say.

I have the feeling that anony-pay.com will be slow at first, and maybe continue to be slow to gather, to motivate, to get more referrals, to look for new strategies new plan, to scam as much as they can, could be 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or more, that one last day will be the day that a lot of users uses their service, keeping a balance thinking getting profit. Again, very sad to see a lot of people fall into this trick, a few succeed outsmart anony-pay, but many the majority failed and looses all the money.


IPUServices.com is anony-pay.com stolen money from members to run new scam

A few blogs and forums mentioned that IPUServices.com is anony-pay.com. The money IPUServices.com scam from members was put in use at anony-pay.com Anony-pay.com funding were the money IPUServices.com had stolen from its members. Many of IPUServices.com scam victims loss thousands of dollars.

This make a lot of sense though. It all come down to how anony-pay.com has all the email address account of IPUServices.com? simple answer, because they’re related, no doubt they’re potentially the same person or people running various scam. Most likely IPUServices.com current scam is indeed anony-pay.com virtual currencies conversion.

Do not trust this website anony-pay.com, they tied to IPUServices.com, scamming thousands of people, everyone looses at least $150, after fake promises, fake software, fake earning, making up stories, killing time just to withdraw all the cash from members then run away. Actually IPUServices.com had a great ending! they blamed on coingeneration.com, but coingeneration.com took advantage and scam more money from IPUServices.com members by saying discount to buy threads. Sadly, some people will fall for this scam, and they won’t find out until it’s too late, too late because the money deposit to convert to other currencies frozen, and eventually gone, anony-pay.com will play this game, just like many other one. Don’t waste your time trying to outsmart it, these scammers are professional. Professional scammers but act like kids, maybe they are kids.

I hope people are not falling for anony-pay.com, don’t trust or believe anything on the website, it’s their strategy to motivate members to use the service, and one day will frozen everyone’s money and withdraw to their own bank account and run away, while starting a new scam.

[SCAM] anony-pay.com let the scam begins! IPUServices.com members email list sold

Anony-pay.com SCAM had begun! This is the so call phase #2 of IPUServices.com, although IPUServices.com had ended with with everyone’s money gone stolen. Exactly what I have said, they will scam, and keep on scamming with fake news to motivate people to invest on a one way transactions, a lot of people fell for it and loss $150 or more, and multiple that by many thousands, how much money IPUServices.com pocket and ran away no trace. But wait! what about this anony-pay.com?

Yep, anony-pay.com no doubt have some kind of connection with IPUServices.com, perhaps even the same people running the previous scam, and more scams to come. Ask yourself this question. How does anony-pay.com got your email? You never signed up with anony-pay.com, and I’m talking about the original email was sent by anony-pay.com saying that they have no relationship with IPUServices.com. I noticed an email cleaned up by anony-pay.com. The email list contained multiple or duplicates email, so look like anony-pay.com cleaned up the duplicates and now they sent out email to recipient one time versus the original list from IPUServices.com have duplicates because each email can have IPUServices.com account, that’s why people getting duplicates email.

Anony-pay.com, again my prediction on how they make money. At the beginning they will operates diligently, meaning instant conversion, instant support email, chat and so on. At this stage they will profit small amount of fees for each conversion, maybe cheapest fee or maybe close to free. This is to keep the users members motivated and continue to use their services. As more and more people fall into their scam, they profit the small fees, and eventually will make bigger profit where they will unleash their final attempts with good news, strategic features and enhancements to the functionality, they will tell lies and make up awesome stories that people cannot resist, as a result before use their services, depositing high amount of money to convert, but guess what? the conversion will not work, and when you contact them, they will announce that they’re having problems with computer glitch, computer problems, bank problems, whatever reason they can come up with to calm the users down. To kill time to be exact. Kill time so that anony-pay.com can run away, meaning they will withdraw your money cash into their bank and cash out and close the account, then will updates everyone that they’re still working on issue and will resolve soon. At this stage they will allow small amount of conversion through just to keep members trust.

This is the same game they will keep playing. Not just anony-pay.com but eventually many other ones like it, I call it the enhancement version of HYIP. Taking HYIP to the next level. Very clever scam where a lot of people will fall into this trap. Only a few people smart enough to escape, for the majority, a big loss of money.

Example of this news below will motivate people. People will start testing with $1, and off course it will work. Instantly and consistently. Then people tried with $20, then $50, then $100, then eventually $1000, to convert to other virtual currencies. Then once anony-pay.com sees it’s opportunities to make a big profit, they will start to frozen the functionality and blame it on technical issues, bank transfer issue, and so on whatever they can use to kill time so the members don’t report them to authority or file complaint. Keep in mind that throughout the whole process, anony-pay.com will send many of this types of news below to motivate members users, sadly a lot of the people will fall for this scam. Some even know it’s a scam but a risk they will take and many will fail miserably, only a handful can outsmart them or lucky enough to get away from the scam.

From: AnonyPay <[email protected]>
Sent: Monday, April 7, 2014
Subject: Anony-Pay Important News

The BEST in Anonymous, Multi-Denominational Monetary Exchange
Anony-Pay is the best method to use to pay or be paid ANONYMOUSLY. Close to 40 different methods of payment (PayPal, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, Skrill, etc, etc) all at your command.
Plus – all payments and transfers between Anony-Pay members are FREE – NO FEE.
Correctly configuring all of the payment processors is taking us much more time than we anticipated – we do appreciate your patience – we anticipate 40 working payment processors by the end of April.
We currently have 2900 registered members – and we want more. To obtain more members, we are offering 12%APR on all deposits for the first 50,000 registrants. That is 1% per month. Nothing you will get rich with, but much better than your local bank. Offer ends April 1, 2015.

Our FORUM is now open; it is a “Pay to Play” forum, which means you cannot contribute unless you are a member with funds in your account ($1). There will be no user names (You will use your account number, partially blocked) There will be no spam, no links. And no warnings.

If you have a question, a scenario, anything, email us now at [email protected].
For Trade details, complicated or unusual transactions, we will communicate via our encrypted emails.
If you wish to chat, we use TORCHAT only, as it is the only form of secure chat on the Internet. Download Tor Browser Bundle, add TorChat – it’s easy

More news coming shortly – watch the “News” section on the website

[email protected]

Get your money back from IPUServices.com

There is a small chance that anyone whom got scammed by IPUservices.com and paid them using Western Union, you have the opportunity to report the scam to Police in the location where the money was picked up. Example below process on how this user report to the local authority there. It’s better to report to the local authority where the Western Union money was picked up. The hope is that the person whom picked it up live around that area, even in the same state the authority can narrow it down easier.

Once again, let’s work together and put these scammers in jail and paid for what they did. We need more people use similar method below to report to the authority online. The more the better, with just a few people reporting it will not budge, need more people whom got scammed by IPUServices.com to speak up.

Subject: IPUS services scam
Message: Hi,
Thanks for printing my comments on your website!

For your information, Western Union requst that you quote a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) associated with the transaction for them to investigate. In my case this reference is 2588316963. You could use this in dealings with the Police.

I reported this to the local Police in Allentown, PA. The website is :


from where a tick box appears for you to report the crime – General tip or vice tip.

Otherwise try the local FBI- email them at:

[email protected]

Or contact Internet crime complaints:


Or you could phone Allentown Federal Court House & Office:

PO Box 2401
Suite 2401, 504 West Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA 18101-1502
Telephone (610) 433-6488

I\’m not too sure of standard USA dialling codes.

I hope this helps

https://www.anony-pay.com/ let the SCAM game begins

Here’s your new IPUServices.com SCAM website taking HYIP to the next level, even better than previous HYIP IPUservices.com super computer computing power.

It appears that anonypay now online functioning with SSL https, and the bottom footer with so call transparency. “© 2014 All Rights Reserved – AnonyPay, IBC Seychelles” Yes a lot of people will fall for this I’m sure. Making look legitimate just to get people trust and motivation to sign up. Once signed up, members will test a few transactions conversion, and yes it will get processes work flawlessly, instantly, consistently, until the scammer knows it’s time to motivate the members to deposit more money and get more people to participate and deposit more money. One way they make money is the fee, then eventually it would be a total shut down of the site with everyone’s money stuck in it.

But wait! it’s not going to be to be totally shut down. They will first frozen all accounts and will announced with their professional intelligence news letter released, press released, saying that anony-pay have problem with their bank account, anonypay doing everything possible to go back online again, they will keep bringing out this kind of news continuously, they process manually some account transactions with small amount to kill time, killing time is the game now. anony-pay.com will come up with all kind of scam fake news strategies as they did on IPUServices.com and many other scam HYIP websites to kill time.

The time killing method, is just to get your money into their bank account from the payment processors. Once in their bank account, they will withdraw into cash. Once cash withdrawal completed, they will close the account, and then continue to released professional news to their members issue still pending and so on, and just ignore the website while they work on another scam. The cycle continue. Sadly a lot of people fall for this scam, a few beat the scam and profit a few dollars, while many loss total in hundreds thousand combined. People already knew it’s a scam, but they go for it anyways, that’s what sad about it, think they can outsmart these intelligent scammers.

Keep in mind that I ask a question. How does anony-pay.com obtained all of IPUServices.com email? or was the email sent by IPUServices.com using the from email [email protected]? saying that they’re not related and not going to commit business relationship.

Michael Papp Allentown PA Pennsylvania IPUServices.com looking for you

Michael Papp of Allentown Pennsylvania PA USA. Are you to tied to IPUServices.com commiting fraud crime online? We’re looking for you.

For everyone whom got scammed by IPUServices.com, especially those paid by Western Union, I would like to hear from you. Who picked up your money at which Western Union branch? I understand that anyone with a valid ID can pick up at Western Union location, it doesn’t necessary has to be in the same city. This is a good case to start with. Anyone else uses Western Union to pay IPUServices.com Scam? speak up, will help you out. I will create a separate category to keep track and will report to the authority getting Western Union to react and start the investigation once we get enough names.

Subject: IPUS scam
Message: How about encouraging readers to report IPUS scam to the American Police/FBI/Internet crime squad? I made a payment via Western Union, and this was to a certain person \’Michael Papp\’ of Allentown, PA, USA. Western Union said that if they were approached by the Police, they would release details of the transaction, as every person receiving monies has to have an offical ID check. So the more people report IPUS to the police in Allentown, PA, could there be a chance of an investigation?